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LA awaits!

Dear friends, countryman, enemies, random readers, whoever. Good to see you all. I’m off to LA tomorrow. I don’t really even believe that the time is here already. Dan and his friend have got a place sort of near where I’ll hopefully be, so it is likely we can hang out. I also will get in touch with Bob/Andy (Bandy if you will). My plan is so ramshackle. Go to LA, stay with people, find a place within 5 days. Sigh. I did like being in Canada but I have been pretty lonely so it will be good to be back among friends and maybe make some new ones. I might not be updating this much for awhile after the trip down because who knows if I’ll have the internet? I will try my best though.

I am also working on a new song diss in my head, it should be pretty good and really comprehensive (references anyone?). Hopefully I will write it on the way down and post it. Along those lines, it’s been really funny, I’ve gotten two anonymous posts downing on my Fergie entry! I don’t really get why people don’t just put their names in. What's to be affraid of? I am not vengeful or crazy. In fact I appreciate criticism. I'll debate you about stupid songs if you want, ask Cella! And what am I going to do if I know your name??? Oh no! I may fly off the handle and write about it! Oooo scary! I am kind of curious as to who they are. Are they someone I know who are just huge Fergie fans but don’t want anyone to know it? Or is it some random person? One of them said I wasn’t funny or witty but ironically enough the comment itself was unfunny and unwitty. The least the person could have done is be witty if they are going to say I’m not. Also they said that I probably spent a long time doing this and that I am a loser which leads me to believe I do not know them OR they don’t care to read my other entries because clearly I am a loser. I haven’t socialized with anyone my age here in Canada and I really don’t have anything better to do than make fun of dumb songs that I hear. But actually the entries don’t take me THAT long. The second comment was somewhat defending the Fergie song saying that I didn’t get the lyrics right and that I should just not listen to it if I don’t like it. Well, anonymous person, I am sorry I didn’t get the lyrics exactly right but from listening to the song, it’s just bad and despite the few minor changes you mentioned it still sounds really obnoxious and is still really really really bad. And I don’t listen to it! I don’t really care to hear it again. So why do I write about how bad it is instead of leaving it alone? I do it because A. I have nothing better to do, B. I want to let everyone else I know how bad it is, and C. as a member of the music listening community I feel it is my duty to out such awful garbage. If I ever make a really dumb/bad song I expect everyone to write about how terrible it is and insult me as a person in doing so. And then I will go and comment anonymously, writing insults about it and you; and the circle of life will continue.

Today I went to Miniature world downtown with my aunt and uncle. It’s this small museumish place that has really detailed models of historical battles, literary characters (Oliver Twist, Swiss Family Robinson), the circus, and other stuff. I used to go there all the time as a kid and I still love it. Pictures!

Here’s pictures of the Canadian equivalent to the Blue Angels called the Snowbirds. Yeah kind of a lame name. But if you think about it, Blue Angels is kind of lame too. But despite the names they are awesome:

They made a heart! awww

On Saturday we went to a family reunion thing at a lakeside family cottage which was pretty fun. They were mostly distant relatives from me (Mom’s cousins and their families) but it was a great deal of fun. Heres the lake, pretty no?

Well, that’s all for now. Wish me luck in LA. Or not. Whatever works.
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