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Hollywood update finally!

Ok I haven’t written in here in forever, I’ve been fairly busy. I work as an intern at The Orphanage, a production company who mainly do special effects but also are working on a lot of projects themselves. Work is pretty cool. The people I work with are quite nice, relatively down to earth and pretty laid back. I mostly do admin stuff like answering the phones and booking flights but sometimes I get to see tests for special effects shots. I can’t say what I’ve seen due to confidentiality agreements but my friends Tony Stark, John McClane and Norrin Radd might be able to tell you a little bit. I also do a lot of coverage of scripts aka writing a synopsis and comments. I can tell you that if you think what makes it onscreen these days is bad, you should read some of what doesn’t.

The weather in LA is ridic. It’s always sunny. I have been here like a month and a half, it has not rained ever and has been cloud maybe 2.5 times.

I live right in Hollywood, like 2 blocks away from the Mann’s Chinese Theater where they have a bunch of premiers and really close to where they shoot Jimmy Kimmel. I live right behind In N Out Burger which are arguably the best hamburgers that fast food has to offer. The other contender, Jack in the Box, is down the street. I pretty much don’t have to leave the one mile radius I live in. There’s Best Buy, Target, a grocery store called Ralph’s (I like that name but it’s not a great grocery store), a New York Pizza place, 2 movie theaters (Mann’s and Arclight which is like the best theatre ever), A bubble tea place, 2 Quiznos, Amoeba records (best record store ever), an awesome gym that I joined called Hollywood Gym is like 2 mins walk, and of course there is In N Out. Also my dear friends Bob and Andy live like 2 blocks away, Matt Miller lives 15 minutes away, and Dan L lives a short drive away from me. I have also met a bunch of other awesome people through those guys. Really a lot of AU people are out here: Melissa Biel, John Wood, Alex Karhger, Joe Pops, DJ Rossstar, and Steve Sievers I have seen. I have yet to see Aaron Biller and I need to give him a call so if you see him tell him to call me.

The downside to my neighborhood is that it’s pretty much all normal people or struggling actors. I haven’t seen any famous people out in the wild yet. Not even sort of/kind of people. But I have seen some from a distance at things they are supposed to be at as you may read below if your eyes can stand it.

Since I haven’t updated enough here’s a quick summary of some fun things I have done in LA

-Working as a production assistant on a nicorette commercial directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Lab, Star Wars Clone Wars animated series) which was kind of cool. Actually it was like a 1 second shot of a boot on a green screen stomping out a cig. So unglamorous. Sigh.

-DJ Rossstar’s punk rock show, of course! Me and Dan went to see it and Andrew McMahon, the singer from Something Corporate was there. He was awesome and quite funny. Here is part of the interview if you want to see it:

-Waking up to Ruff Ryders Motorcycle crew making loud noises. So I live behind a Days Inn and it just so happened that the Ruff Ryders were having a parade somewhere in Hollywood, so of course they pick the Days Inn to stay at and congregate at. So all weekend they were peeling out and playing loud music that woke me up at 10 am. Why are they up at 10 am??? I don’t know. Sadly DMX was not in attendance.

-Comedy show at the laugh factory. Best line up ever: Dane Cook, Michael Richards (KOSMO KRAMER!), Russell Peters, and Richard Jeni. Dane Cook’s stuff was pretty much all new to me and was at least twenty times better than the stuff on “Vicious Circle”. And seeing Kramer was surreal. He moves around just like Kramer with all the hand gestures and jitters.

-Jimmy Kimmel Show, with Dane Cook, Bam Margera and Lupe Fiasco. I don’t know why they call it Jimmy Kimmel Live because it is clearly taped. AND Dane Cook’s segment hasn’t even aired yet. So un-live, it’s dead. But it was a good show.

-Seeing Nouvelle Vague, the French band that does bossa nova covers of New Wave songs with my cousin. I didn’t know a lot of the songs as many were obscure but I did know Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself”. Sadly they did not play “I Ran So Far Away”.

-Going to LAX (DJ AM’s club) with my dear friend Alexis Allen. I hadn’t seen her in forever. We drank 40s and Sparks before hand at the nicest hotel I have ever been in, The Grand Beverly something on Rodeo Drive. Sadly we didn’t see any celebs at LAX BUT Benji from Good Charlotte was Djing and he played some good songs.

-Seeing “Little Miss Sunshine” with a Q & A after with producers and the girl who plays Olive. She was also in “Signs”! Although she didn’t really have too much interesting to say because she’s like 6. It was still funny to see.

-Seeing “Feast” with a Q & A after from director John Gulager and writer Marcus Dunstan(from Project Greenlight). It was an okay movie, defiantly could have done with a bigger budget but the guys were really interesting and funny to hear. Also like 3 of the cast were in the theatre.

-Seeing “Mutual Appreciation” with a Q & A with the writer/director/star Andrew Bujalski and then going to an after party in Santa Monica at a financier’s (who works for Elvis Costello) house afterward. There was a golden tape on the wall! I was impressed. But a word to the wise, don’t see the movie. It’s like 2 hours of nonsense, boring nonsense. If you are or know a lot of trendy New York hipsters maybe you will laugh slightly, 5 times. At best.

-Seeing craziness at premieres for “Beerfest” and “Employee of The Month”. A ton of people crowd around on the other side of the street from Mann’s. I saw “Beerfest” rabble while walking to get something to eat. Then, me and a couple people went to poke around for the “Employee” joint. Andy Dick came over and so did JSimp (Jessica Simpson, my nickname for her JSimp is slowly but surely catching on). I’m also trying to start the trend of adding “sies” to the end of words. Like “Let’s get some foodsies” or “My feet are touchsies on the bottom”. I think it could totes be the new abvs. Just remember I started it!

-Going to Dodgers games and getting both young person and old person perspectives. First, I went to a game vs. the Rockies with one of my dad’s old ex-girlfriends (who I thought may have been an ex-wife but that ended up not true, but at the time I thought that she was) and her husband which was somewhat surreal and awkward. They got seats way up high behind home plate. I had never seen a game from this position and it was cool. Then I went with Dan and his roommate Martin to see the Dodgers play division rivals San Diego Padres in the outfield stands. This was awesome because the crowd was super rowdy and was yelling, throwing peanuts at and booing people with San Diego hats. We also almost caught a ball that an outfielder threw after practice.

-Last night I went and saw Ludacris outside for Jimmy Kimmel. I’m pretty sure you can see me if you watch it because I was pretty close to the middle front and am a tall white kid in a sea of mostly black and Latino people. It was really funny, on the show Jimmy had a segment called Jimmy’s carpool. And the spot that Jimmy started out in is literally in front of my building (I knew because he was sitting on this weird leather couch someone put out there that had spray paint on it and because my place is so close to where they shoot).

Welllll that’s about all I feel like writing. Goodnight and thanks for reading!
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You gotta go to Santa Monica to see all the famous people. My sister just ran into Dustin Hoffman the other day.

It's fun for me to read about what you think about LA, cos all the things I'm used to you're so excited about. It's cute. I'm glad you're having a great time!