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I FINALLY SAW CELEBRITIES OUT IN THE WILD! First I saw Rob Cordrey, formally of the daily show, at this mall called the Grove. Later that night I went to see We Are Scientists/Art Brut/The Spinto Band @ The Fonda Theatre and Adam Brody from the OC was there! I was super star struck but asked him for a picture and here it is.

My friend Chealsea was on the other side of him but this is the cropped version so I have Seth Cohen all to myself. In a heterosexual way...haha

Anyways the show was really good, I love We Are Scientists. Art Brut fucking sucks. And luckily Adam Brody doesn't like them either apparently because I met him upstairs on the roof when Art Brut was playing. Spinto Band was really great, I'd never seen them before. One of the singers, Nick Krill, used to live across the hall from me in the dorms so it was funny to see him rocking out on stage. Anyways here are some pictures from the night.

The Spinto Band!

We Are Scientists!
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