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Thoughts on Oscars, being old, leaked Fall Out Boy record and more!

First I'm going to start with the Oscar nominations and my thoughts on them because you care so much about my opinion (if not you can skip to the bottom indicated by ">"). I think this past year was really an excellent year for film and I have seen a good portion of the movies nominated this go around. Usually I hate a ton of the things that get nominated but this year I love many and hate fewer.

Best Actor: Kind of bummed (but not really surprised) that Sacha Baron Cohen didn't get nominated for an Oscar. I was also super surprised that DiCaprio got nominated for "Blood Diamond" rather than "Departed". I mean he was good in Blood Diamond (that accent..bling bang!) but nowhere near as good as in "Departed". And Why wasn't Matt Damon up there for "Departed"??? And Will Smith? Come on. I mean I love him (BAD BOYS 2!) but could he have been that good in "Pursuit of Happiness"? I dunno... But from what I hear Forrest Whitaker is a lock for "Last King of Scottland", which is good because I love Forrest.

Best Supporting Actor: I'm pleased that Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Mark Wahlberg (Departed) got nominated. And I guess Djimon Houston was pretty good in Blood Diamond. BUT what kind of world do we live in where Eddie Murphy gets nominated for an Oscar? Well maybe for Norbit. That looks awesome. I'm pretty sure Marky Mark is rightfully a lock for this one.

Best Actress: Usually the best actress categories fucking blow. But this year Meryl Steep is in there for "Devil Wears Prada" in which she was really great and fun to watch. As good as Meryl is though, I have to say I think Helen Mirren has got it for "The Queen" which I saw and surprisingly enjoyed.

Best Supporting Actress: This is a tough one this year! If it was up to me I'd say, by a hair, Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) over Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). Rinko made Babel good. But sadly I'm pretty sure that she won't win. Same with Abigail. It's likely going to Jennifer Hudson for stupid "Dreamgirls". Barf. Well at least Beyonce didn't get anything.

Best Director: Another really tough one. I have seen all of these and they ar all mostly good. Paul Greengrass' "United 93" is massively overrated and I'm pretty sure it won't win. Stephen Frears' "The Queen" was great but I'm pretty sure it won't win for this either. Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Babel" , also good but also not a win. Here's where it gets tough: Clint Eastwood's "Letters to Iwo Jima" vs. Martin Scorsese's "The Departed". Both are fucking awesome but I think I'd have to say "Departed". But I'd like to make it very clear that I think Scorsese's past films are kind of overblown ("Taxi Driver" sucks so bad) so I don' think he is necessarily owed it like some people say, but I think they should reward him for making a really good film.

Best Screenplay, non adapted: Super tough! "Babel", "The Queen", "Pan's Labyrinth", "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Letters From Iwo Jima"! This is so tough! They are all really good! My gut tells me that perhaps "Little Miss Sunshine" will win but I kind of hope that "Iwo Jima" does.

Best Screenplay, adapted: Yet another toughy. I'd love to see "Borat" win but I'm not sure how much of it was really even scripted and given what it is, I doubt it will win. But hooray for the nomination. Then there's "The Departed". I saw the original, "Infernal Affairs", and it's pretty similar but I kind of liked "Departed" more (I saw "Departed" first so maybe that's why). Anyways I'm guessing it will win but if it were up to me I'd say it should be "Children of Men" because it was so excellent and wasn't really nominated for much else.

Best Picture: The big one. Thank the academy "Dreamgirls" didn't get a nom for this. Again another tough race. "Babel" did win the Golden Globe best drama, but I kind of feel that this is the "Brokeback Mountain" of this year in that it is hyped to win Oscar but won't. I do really love "Letters To Iwo Jima" but I'm thinking it won't win. Same with the "Queen". "Departed" could very well win it and I'd be happy BUT I think it would be really great if "Little Miss Sunshine" won.

A few comments on other stuff:

Animated features really really blew this year. I didn't see "Monster House" but I hope it beats dumb looking "Happy Feet" and disappointing "Cars".

Um why the fuck are THREE "Dreamgirls" songs nominated for best song??? Two would have been excessive! But they really dropped the ball in not nominating Devotchka for "Little Miss Sunshine" songs.

"Children of Men" really needs to win for best cinematography if nothing else because WOW it had some great long takes.

For Foreign Film I don't know how it won't be "Pan's Labyrinth" winning. Although "Days Of Glory" and "The Lives of Others" look pretty cool.

For Special Effects, Although our company is nominated for the work on "Superman Returns", I have to say "Pirates" really needs to win because the effects are seriously the best.

For Makeup, um..."Click" got nominated??? WTF! boooo academy! Apocalpyto or Pan's Labyrinth really needs to win this.

">"If you skipped my Oscar musing, I'd like to say fuck you.

Anyways, on to my date of birth. First off thanks to everyone for the bday wishes on phone/IM/facebook/myspace/yelling in my ear. It was quite fun. Before I left work on Friday, my office got me cupcakes which was very touching and delicious. Then I had a bunch of people over to my place and ordered "THE BIG PAPA" aka the largest delivery pizza in the world! 36 inches of pizza! It wouldn't fit through my door, I had to turn it sideways to get it in. Check it out:

After the pizza we headed to Clockwork Orange, a 18+ dance club haha. It's really fun though! There are 3 rooms: the smallest is indie/electro/alternative (Bloc Party remix/Nine Inch Nails), the next up is top 40/nineties hits, etc (sexy back ugh), and finally the big room is 80s. It's really a blast and if you hate the song you are hearing then you can just go to another room. So anyways I drank a lot and danced. But by 1am everyone had gotten tired and ditched on me! Not to be stopped by being a loner, I stayed til the end. Right after everyone left I went into the pop/nineties room where they played Blink 182's "What's My Age Again", a bittersweet event because although I do love Blink, the lyrics "Nobody likes you when you're 23" were all too fitting for my situation. Haha! The pictures can be found on facebook, I don't feel like posting all of them here. Sorry! Just go look there, go on.

So anyways I went home at 2 and scarfed down leftover pizza and listened to the new Fall Out Boy CD (which leaked, big ups to Emily z for emailing the link to me). It's really a great record and I have been listening to it nonstop ever since, and yes I'm going to buy it you anti-pirates out there. It's got songs you'd expect from them ("Carpel Tunnel Of Love", "Thriller") but also songs that sound like a pop punky John Legend ("Golden") or Justin Timberlake ("Arms Race" which is actually my least favorite track) and just plain awesomeness ("Thnks Fr Th Mmrs", "Bang the Doldrums") but my point is that it's not your typical pop punk record. I mean Babyface produced some tracks! Radical.

The next morning I woke up at 8:30 and felt like crap. So I went on my computer and then took what is possibly the greatest addition to the history of photography I will ever contribute:

So I did this til like 11:30am then went to sleep til 4:30 haha. I went and ate In N Out at like 6 and later that night went with Bob and Pyung to see "The Hitcher" which had some great moments (Sean Bean is great but not in it enough, Sophia Bush is a stone fox) but overall was pretty bad.

Next day I went to Farmer's Market to get some strawberries to eat and then Kabuki for some Japanese food. YUM! Then I went and got some used video games at EB Games. I got this game "Red Dead Revolver" for 8 bucks and it is such a blast. It's like a spaghetti western shooter game with really great style (the whole game has a yellowish tint and little film scratch lines like old westerns). I highly recommend it, especially for 8 bucks! Then I went to see Matt Miller play at a coffee shop where he and the others surprised me with cupcakes and my long requested song "Teenage Dirtbag"! It was pretty much the best thing ever. And now he knows how to play it so it will be requested even more.

Yesterday, Monday, I finally hung out with Parisa. We went to Westwood and had Pinkberry! It's really quite a treat. I'm not really obsessed with it but I can see why there's always a crowd.
We also went to "Jerry's Famous Deli". It was pretty good but I don't know if the fame is justified. After that we walked around and took random pictures in this arcade we came across. It was a really good time and you can see it all on my facebook account because I don't feel like posting them all here (and also because Parisa is a picture fascist).

Tonight I went to see Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford and shit load of other comedians who were trying to get a spot on Conan with Dan and Tom. Most of them were super funny. I had never really seen Patton before. He was okay but not as good as Dan had been hyping him. Maria Bamford was really bizarre but funny. Of the other comedians I don't remember most of their names except for Natasha Leggaro and Shane Conway (I think that was his name) who were probably my favorite non previously known people. And Sarah Silverman was pretty funny too and she at one point compared her sister's vagina to Cat Steven's face. Can't beat that. Oh! And Michael Cena aka George Michael from Arrested Development was in the crowd! I love minor celebrities so much more than big ones.

To finish off this entry I have another fun celeb sighting for you. Last weekend on Saturday afternoon I was working out in my gym, for you ladies taking notes I was doing shoulders. So anyways, who comes in and starts working out to my left? None other than Johnny Knoxville! I was going to say something to him but I decided to just leave him alone. I mean come on, he was in the zone. Maybe I'll see him some other time and give him a high five.

I leave you with the best recent (or ever, really) picture of Britney Spears I have ever seen:

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