GuateCanadian (alex_dp) wrote,

Moving to San Francisco for a month

Hello friends,

I want to let you all know I will be living in San Francisco for a month starting this weekend. I am working from my company’s San Francisco office while my boss is on paternity leave as well as spending time with my parents who are currently living there under sad circumstances.

My father had been going through cancer treatment since around April of this year, which we have recently found to be unsuccessful. My parents decided to move down to San Francisco for his remaining time, since several family members live there and it is relatively close to me. Until now, I haven’t told many people because I was hoping the situation would work out favorably and I wouldn’t ever have to. This is a hard time but I am very thankful I am able to spend time with my father and family.

I am still accessible via phone (323-828-4402 is my current cell if you don't have it)/email/aim as always and will surely be on facebook/myspace/internet to keep up with goings on. I will be back in LA toward the end of October but will probably pop up to San Francisco on random weekends this fall.

Thanks for your support.


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