GuateCanadian (alex_dp) wrote,

Back in LA for a week...

Hey all,

Just wanted to update. I am heading back down to LA for a week or so to cover at work for a co-worker/friend who is having surgery. After that I'll be heading back up for about two more weeks.

Anyways I thought I should say something so that if you see me in LA you're not like "LIAR! YOU'RE NOT IN SF!"

San Fran has been good. My dad is doing okay, hasn't been too symptomatic. He get tired very easily and can't eat too much but that's the extent thus far. My mom has been taking care of him and keeping busy and seems to be doing pretty well.

Working in the SF office has been interesting. I've gotten to see some of the vfx work we do day to day which has been fascinating. It's also cool to be in a huge office. Everyone is super nice as well. All the food in the area is healthy and organic which is funny. Forks are biodegradable!

Have also been able to hang with some friends from AU who ended up in SF which has been swell.

That's all I got for now. Thanx 4 reading.


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