GuateCanadian (alex_dp) wrote,

Jorge H Del Pinal: 5/2/1945 - 1/12/2008

Hello friends.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that my father Jorge H Del Pinal passed away early on Saturday morning. His brothers, sister, my mother and myself were with him shortly before his passing. In addition, we were able to have many wonderful times with him despite our situation in the last few months, which I am eternally grateful for. He died peacefully and my family and I are doing the best we can without him. I will miss him dearly but am so thankful for all the guidance, knowledge, advice, wisdom, inspiration and support he provided me in our (almost) 24 years together. Finally, I think it is very fitting to end with the way my father wanted to be remembered in his own words: “I lived as well as I could, I tried to do no harm.”

Thanks for reading.


Jorge Alex Del Pinal

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