GuateCanadian (alex_dp) wrote,

The Idea Men live @ Garage Comedy 4/14

Hello friends/enemies,

Exciting news: I wanted to let everyone know that the sketch group I'm in, THE IDEA MEN, is doing a live performance at Garage Comedy at El Cid in Silverlake (4212 W Sunset Blvd) at 9pm. I'm pretty sure we are going first so if you're going to come don't be super late/cool. And most importantly: It's free.

My awesome, wonderful, pretty, real smart friend Angel Yau will be hosting the show and Charlene Yi (Knocked Up) is headlining. Also performing are Kyle Bosman, Sven Amsterdam, Mike Burns, Ryan,  Stout, John Leadley, Max Goldberg, and Matt Blitz.

For those of you not in LA I believe they stream the show live at this address:

So check it out and I'll hope to see you there, or have you see me online!


Jorge Alex Del Pinal

PS: here is the poster for your eyeballs' enjoyment:
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