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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
5:08 pm
Visit to DC/The Great Indiana Jones disappointment
So I had a great visit to DC this Memorial day weekend. Me and my mom had a really nice service (for lack of a better term, we just had friends over and talked about Dad) for my father at our friends Bob and Michelle's house, which had a wonderful turn out. I got to see and catch up with many old neighbors, friends and family in the MD/DC area and talk to them about my dad and nice memories we all had of him.

Whilst in the area, I hit my favorite eating spots such as Original Pancake House (OHOP, Strawberry Crepes!), Corner Slice (house special, 2 slices and a drink!), Two Amys (the Two Amys pizza!), Cactus Cantina (MARGS!) and 5 Guys (bacon chee!). All were delish, as I remembered. Some friends showed up for Cactus and it was great to catch up with everyone!

 It was super weird to be back in Bethesda. A lot is the same but some parts are super re-developed now, like the massive new apartment complex across from Giant! I used to work at the old Giant pharmacy and it was funny to see how different it looks from back then. It was also weird driving around going to and seeing all these familiar places but as a visitor rather than a resident.

On Monday my last day, I went with my mom and friends to see Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at this theater I used to always go to with my dad all the time when we lived in MD. Sadly, the movie was kind of terrible. It had some good parts but was by far my least favorite of the four. Here is my list of problems with it (I love lists BTW):

1. No tension/danger. I never felt like Indiana Jones might not win, which was always great about the older films... he's a good fighter but he always got kicked around A LOT before he could win. Like in Raiders of the Lost Arc when he's fighting that huge Nazi near the plane in Cairo, Or in Temple of Doom when he fights the guard on the conveyor belt but is being voodoo stabbed at the same time, or in Last Crusade when he is fighting the entire tank crew and Nazi general! There wasn't a moment in Crystal Skull in which I thought he or any of the other characters were in any danger from the Russians.

2. Cate Blanchet was okay but wasn't a scary enough bad guy. Compared to Toht (Nazi with the hot poker/burned hand in Raiders), Spalko is a joke. And the other bad guy Russian didn't even register. He just totally phoned it in.

3. Triple Agent Beowulf. The character of Mac (played by Beowulf's Ray Winstone) was so pointless it blew my mind. It seems like his character just got pasted in last minute because they wanted more twists.

4. Aliens. The movie was okay up until the whole alien/finding the crystal skull parts came in. The end made no sense (although the ship departing was the most impressive VFX shot in the film). I kind of wish they hadn't seen or shown any of the aliens.

5. Indians literally popping out of temple. Were they just chilling, waiting around for hundreds of years for people to come? Then they just get defeated by a handful of Russians with machine guns? DUMB.

6. SHIA SWINGING WITH MONKEYS....and then the monkeys fight the Russians.The movie REALLY lost me at this point. I just couldn't believe how dumb this was. This had George Lucas influence written all over it. FAIL.

7. No Sallah! It's bad enough they "killed off" Dr. Jones Sr and Marcus Brody, how did they not a least bring in Sallah ("INDIE!") for the (SPOILER) wedding at the end???

8. (SPOILER) The end where somehow Indiana Jones gets rehired as the dean of the school even though he got blacklisted and has no proof of discovering extraterrestrial life. How did he get rehired? If anything the FBI would have more evidence that he was helping Russians!

Overall I just felt this movie was just trying to go way too big and ignored the formula of a tighter narrative that first three films mostly delivered. In those pretty much everything (even the old knight in Last Crusade as silly as that was) was set up and paid off, in this the alien is never really explained (why melt Spalko and not others? Why did they even come to Earth? What are the powers of the Crystal Skull? Indians popping out of temple? The list could go on). If it was up to me I'd have them go in a different direction on what the aliens were because I thought the movie was fine up until they went to Peru. Really the best thing would have been to have made a WWII Indiana Jones movie like 10 years ago like they mentioned in the beginning of movie. Anyhow, the movie wasn't as bad as say, Star Wars Episode I but it was surely a let down. It felt a lot like Transformers where it had some cool aspects but overall they did a poor job making a good movie of what I loved in my Childhood.
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
10:41 pm
The Idea Men live @ Garage Comedy 4/14
Hello friends/enemies,

Exciting news: I wanted to let everyone know that the sketch group I'm in, THE IDEA MEN, is doing a live performance at Garage Comedy at El Cid in Silverlake (4212 W Sunset Blvd) at 9pm. I'm pretty sure we are going first so if you're going to come don't be super late/cool. And most importantly: It's free.

My awesome, wonderful, pretty, real smart friend Angel Yau will be hosting the show and Charlene Yi (Knocked Up) is headlining. Also performing are Kyle Bosman, Sven Amsterdam, Mike Burns, Ryan,  Stout, John Leadley, Max Goldberg, and Matt Blitz.

For those of you not in LA I believe they stream the show live at this address: http://www.garagecomedy.com/live/

So check it out and I'll hope to see you there, or have you see me online!


Jorge Alex Del Pinal

PS: here is the poster for your eyeballs' enjoyment:

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Monday, January 14th, 2008
12:36 am
Jorge H Del Pinal: 5/2/1945 - 1/12/2008
Hello friends.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that my father Jorge H Del Pinal passed away early on Saturday morning. His brothers, sister, my mother and myself were with him shortly before his passing. In addition, we were able to have many wonderful times with him despite our situation in the last few months, which I am eternally grateful for. He died peacefully and my family and I are doing the best we can without him. I will miss him dearly but am so thankful for all the guidance, knowledge, advice, wisdom, inspiration and support he provided me in our (almost) 24 years together. Finally, I think it is very fitting to end with the way my father wanted to be remembered in his own words: “I lived as well as I could, I tried to do no harm.”

Thanks for reading.


Jorge Alex Del Pinal

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
10:36 pm
The Best Films of 2007 According to Me
Note: These are my top ten favorite films which came out in 2007. I have to admit I haven't been able to see a lot of the year end Oscar bait stuff yet such as "There Will be Blood", "Lars and the Real Girl", "Kite Runner", "Sweeney Todd", "Atonement", "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem", etc. so come Oscar time I'll hopefully have seen them and I'll let you know if they change anything once I finally get to seeing them.

So here we go, let me know what you think and feel free to debate me!

Hot Fuzz – British homage to American buddy cop/action films by the fellows who did "Shaun of The Dead". It's almost too clever for it's own good. On the first viewing I missed a lot of great jokes because it's so quick, but luckily you get much more out of it on multiple viewings.

Juno – in my mind, "Juno" is this year's "Little Miss Sunshine" in that it is an enjoyably quirky dramadey with great characters and a fantastic ensemble of actors and actresses.

Superbad – To me, it was the overall funniest movie this year. Sure it wasn't as sophisticated as "Knocked Up" but or "Juno" but I really enjoyed "Superbad" more as a comedy. One note: not nearly enough Miroki/Michael Cera scenes.

3:10 to Yuma – Awesome western remake with a return to form for Russell Crowe (Note to Russell: please no more stupid period piece boxing films) and Christian Bale being awesome as usual.

Eastern Promises – Excellent. An engrossing film about the Russian mob in London. Viggo Mortensen is fantastic, and believably Russian. It is a touch predictable but not enough to take much away from it. But beware: The bath house scene is really intense and graphic, you might have to close your eyes.

Bourne Ultimatum - Brutally awesome. Where else can you find Matt Damon avoiding pursuing police, jumping onto and over rooftops, running through windows and houses to fight a bad guy armed with a knife, using a rolled up magazine and win? It's certainly the best of the trilogy, which was already superb.

Sunshine – I am a sucker for sci-fi, especially when it's really good. This one is about reigniting the sun in the fairly near future and the problems that arise in doing so. It's got some great suspense which is heightened by the film's great looking sets.

King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Hilarious and surprisingly touching documentary about arcade gamers battling for the highest score in King Kong. Best described as a Christopher Guest film ("Best in Show", "Waiting for Guffman", etc.) but it's real.

Ratatouille – It actually made me want to go to France and eat food made by talented rats voiced by enjoyable comedians. And I was very thankful to have a great Pixar movie again after the subpar "Cars".

No Country for Old Men – The first time I saw it, I loved it except for the last half hour or so, which made me really angry and unfulfilled. I was literally angry at the Coen Brothers (the directors/writers) because of it. I kept thinking "Why did they do that? How could they let it end like that, what was the point?" But then the more I talked about it/thought about it, I realized that I played right into their hand. It's not supposed to be a pleasing ending, I should be angry and the fact that I was and was still thinking about it, made it a big success. By the time I saw it a second time I was able to get beyond the events in question and try to rethink it. I still think about it. Beyond that I have to note that Javier Bardem (and his air canister) is one of the best villains ever. Every time he's on screen you feel dread. I'm thinking all the awards for supporting actor have to go to him, hands down.

Honorable Mentions:

300 – probably not historically accurate but it certainly was a solidly entertaining and iconic action film.

Shoot Em Up – Utterly ridiculous in the best way and very self aware of that fact.

Knocked Up – Don't get me wrong, I really liked it but frankly I thought the story was kind of unbelievable. I maintain that it didn't top 40 Year Old Virgin's level of excellence. But really it's still great and totally worth seeing if you somehow haven't.

Stardust – Really enjoyable and unpredictable fantasy adventure that was almost as good as Princess Bride.

Surf's Up – I liked it's mockumentary style. Penguins and surfing are generally enjoyable especially when together. Quite underrated I say.

Black Book – Solid epic dutch WWII film = Paul Verhoven is back!

28 Weeks Later - I thought this was going to be a dumb and/or unnecessary horror sequel ala "Hostel Part 2" but it turned out to be quite good and didn't tarnish the first and it actually in many ways surpassed it (the military aspect was super cool). BUT I must say the ending left me slightly annoyed.

Biggest Disappointments:

Transformers –  Basically, my main issue is that there were way too many human characters which took away from who you should care about: THE GIANT, AWESOME LOOKING, ROBOTS WHO HAD LITTLE TO NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. For more on my issues with Transformers see here: til all are one

Spiderman 3 – How do you screw up Venom??? By not making him a very important or thought out character, having another two bad guys (Sandman was pretty cool I must admit), and making the focus of the film more on Mary Jane. Weak.

Pirates 3 – it was sort of okay. I think they were way too ambitious. It really just got weird, really didn't make sense (ex: why did it turn out that a character was actually a god who then became really tall, and inexplicably vanished and petered out by the end with no explanation?) and that hurt the plot. But hey, I still love Capt Jack.

Shrek The Third – I liked the first two well enough but I only chuckled barely twice on this turd burglar.

Grindhouse – Planet Terror was okay, but Death Proof was egregiously horrendous (minus the last 20 minutes maybe) unless you enjoy pointless characters which take up half the film and lame/boring girl talk.

30 Days of Night - I liked a lot about this film: the direction, the look of the vampires, and much of the score to name a few. But I feel the story was really lacking, had holes and left out what to me was a really crucial part of the comic source material: that the vampires who attack the town are rogue lower class vampires who were going against the orders of the elite not to do something crazy like kill an entire town.
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
7:48 pm
The Missed Connection
In my recent travels I observed a tragic missed connection that I thought I would share. Please enjoy responsibly:

So I’m walking toward the security line up at the Burbank airport when suddenly this Southwest counter type lady shoots by me and stops next to a guy in front of me. He looks normal enough: 30s maybe, Hispanic guy wearing jeans and some nikes. The only thing that held my interest about him was his unusual long-sleeve shirt. This wasn’t just  any long sleeve shirt: it had a purposefully faded goat graphic on the back, some seemingly fashionable metal beads speckled on the shoulders, and to top it off says “Custom Made” in old English-y font spelled out across the shoulders (under fashion beads of course). This shirt blows my mind. I wondered to myself, is that really custom? Did he really request all those weird things? Or perhaps it is mass produced and ironic?

Anyways, shirt guy is about to get his ticket checked against his ID by a small older Asian ID checker lady, when this Southwest counter girl gets to him. Counter lass says breathlessly: “Are you Carlos Menica?!” The man, we now know as Carlos causally replies “yes.” With this breaking news, Counter lass excitedly hands Carlos some sort of Southwest informational pamphlet. “Can you sign this for me?!”

Carlos, always the gentlemen, says “Sure.” As Carlos signs Southwest’s map of America, Counter Lass glances at Small Asian ID checker and gleefully says “He’s big!”. Carlos gives a “oh you’re just too much, counter lady”-look and hands back the paraphernalia she excitedly thanks him and runs off. I am mildly amused by this interaction but even more so still transfixed by his bizarre riddle of a shirt. We enter the security line and during breaks from pondering his shirt, I watch the people around us to see their reaction to Carlos.

For the most part no one reacts to the questionable comedic presence in our midst. At best he gets a causal one-look glance from a few. This causal interest comes to crashing halt when a douchey overly-tanned touristy golfer type guy, I’d say late 20s early 30s, just lights up with a big shit eating grin when he sees Carlos. Now, Douchey guy is a ways in front of us in line but due to the winding formation of the security lines, every few minutes he is basically parallel with Carlos.

With his constant obnoxious grin and glow about him, Douchey gets out his cell phone and texts someone, surely sharing that he is in line with THE Carlos Menica! Once he has informed his various compadres, he puts his phone away and concentrates his energy fully on being in the same place as Carlos. His twinkling eyes disclose his racing mind. Just seeing and being around Carlos is not enough: he wants desperately to talk to Carlos. But what should he say? Oh the pressure! This could be his big chance to make friends with Carlos! Together make fun of Mexicans/retards/whatever other cool stuff Carlos Mencia does, to their hearts content!

At this point Carlos decides to put on the ipod buds and tune out, as we are still a ways off from having the opportunity to take off our shoes and have our belongings x-rayed. The line moves ever closer and Douchey guy is still reeling, still trying to think up something, ANYTHING, really good to say to Carlos and win his attention.

But oh no! We are getting very close to the heart of security…time is short! Douchey guy knows this. He knows now is the time to make his move. We progress forward to just the right moment for the stars to align: Douchey and Carlos are exactly parallel, close enough to touch. Douchey prepares for the precise moment. He looks intently at Carlos oblivious to the ipod, the strange shirt, myself or any of the people in line. It’s just the two of them, waiting for the instant of eye contact with his beloved Carlos! Douchey takes a deep breathe. This is his moment to shine! Time stops. Douchey opens his mouth, lets out an awkward/forced laugh to catch Carlos’ eye and says….

“Funny…” and then trails off as the crushing reality hits: Carlos hasn’t heard any of his brilliant attempt. With a final disappointed look of adoration, Douchey takes off his shoes and heads into security, away from his darling Carlos Mencia.

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Monday, October 8th, 2007
11:06 pm
Back in LA for a week...
Hey all,

Just wanted to update. I am heading back down to LA for a week or so to cover at work for a co-worker/friend who is having surgery. After that I'll be heading back up for about two more weeks.

Anyways I thought I should say something so that if you see me in LA you're not like "LIAR! YOU'RE NOT IN SF!"

San Fran has been good. My dad is doing okay, hasn't been too symptomatic. He get tired very easily and can't eat too much but that's the extent thus far. My mom has been taking care of him and keeping busy and seems to be doing pretty well.

Working in the SF office has been interesting. I've gotten to see some of the vfx work we do day to day which has been fascinating. It's also cool to be in a huge office. Everyone is super nice as well. All the food in the area is healthy and organic which is funny. Forks are biodegradable!

Have also been able to hang with some friends from AU who ended up in SF which has been swell.

That's all I got for now. Thanx 4 reading.


Thursday, September 20th, 2007
5:09 pm
Moving to San Francisco for a month
Hello friends,

I want to let you all know I will be living in San Francisco for a month starting this weekend. I am working from my company’s San Francisco office while my boss is on paternity leave as well as spending time with my parents who are currently living there under sad circumstances.

My father had been going through cancer treatment since around April of this year, which we have recently found to be unsuccessful. My parents decided to move down to San Francisco for his remaining time, since several family members live there and it is relatively close to me. Until now, I haven’t told many people because I was hoping the situation would work out favorably and I wouldn’t ever have to. This is a hard time but I am very thankful I am able to spend time with my father and family.

I am still accessible via phone (323-828-4402 is my current cell if you don't have it)/email/aim as always and will surely be on facebook/myspace/internet to keep up with goings on. I will be back in LA toward the end of October but will probably pop up to San Francisco on random weekends this fall.

Thanks for your support.


Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
10:57 am
Phone Call from Jason Bourne

So the latest vid from my crew the Idea Men is up for viewing pleasures. No nerds this time, instead we have Jason Bourne from Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum fame!

Sadly I'm not in this one but it's totally awesome and you should check it out on funnyordie and youtube and give it a solid rating (5 stars? Funny rather than Die? Come onnnn!)

Here are the linkz



WATCH PLZ! LUV U? luv u.
Monday, July 9th, 2007
5:41 pm
plz watch Magic Sheet
Check out the latest video, starring me and Dan, it's called Magic Sheet, it's funny (I think), and much shorter than Daggers and Dreams (I know). Check it out, rate it funny rather than die and let me know what you think! THANKS!


or if you must use lame old youtube



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Monday, June 4th, 2007
10:12 am
Went to the MTV Movie Awards!

So yesterday I went to the MTV movie awards randomly and it was awesome. Long origin story short, my dad’s quirky (crazy) ex-girlfriend, Beverly, from way back in college took me. Anyways it was great. When we were walking in Ron Jeremy was walking next to us. Beverly hadn’t heard of him and totally straight faced says to me “hard core or soft core?” What am I supposed to say to that? I ended up saying “I don’t really know Beverly.” And she proceeded to tell me the difference for like 5 mins. Awkward. Anyways, when we got in I really enjoyed the Gibson Amphitheatre. I thought it was going to be outside but it wasn’t. MTV had a neat set up. Also a fun perk: we got free bottles of Vitamin Water.

Now for celeb sightings: first I saw Eva Mendez who walked right by me when we were looking for our seats. She is really hotter in person. Next Justin Long (Dodgeball, Die Hard 4) walked by me while I was sitting down. He had a hot girlfriend of course. Next I saw Paris Hilton come in. She had a ton of guards and stopped the foot traffic to get to her seat. Next I saw Rodrigo Santoro (Love Actually, Lost, 300) walk by my seat. Finally I saw Gerard Butler (300) run by me as the show was just starting.

The show itself was great. It was really well paced and Sarah Silverman was excellent as the host. She made a really mean joke about Paris Hilton (something about painting the jail bars to look like penises to make her feel at home) which made her leave early into the event. I almost felt bad. (http://youtube.com/watch?v=EXESd_q56Cw)
I actually saw Sarah Silverman a couple of weeks before this (with David Cross, Patton Oswalt for $5 at UCB, yay LA) and she tried out some of her material for her opening, which was great (Spiderman 3 being racist, 300 being titled because on a gayness scale of 1 to 10 it was a 300). The one thing I really didn’t like was the fan submitted parodies. They were horrendous except for the one that won (United 300) which was okay. But really they need to bring back the good, professionally done parodies like the classic Jack Black in Lord of The Rings and Panic Room.

The acceptances were pretty great. Jack Nicholson was wasted and incoherent but in a good way. The best was probably Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen making out on the stage after they won for best kiss (http://youtube.com/watch?v=RevBCLWlsCw).
Another cool surprise was Johnny Deep when he was actually present for his award for best performance. The music numbers were also enjoyable. Rihanna/Jay Z’s “Umbrella” had great dancing and pyrotechnics and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” was just really well sung.

All in all, I’d say if you have the opportunity to go to the MTV Movie awards with an eccentric family friend, then definitely go.

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Monday, May 21st, 2007
11:48 am
Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End review!!!!
On Sunday I was sitting on my couch beginning to re-watch the Pirates movies in preparation for Friday’s Pirates 3. My boss and the co-founder of the company Scott, were going to a cast/crew screening of Pirates 3 later in the day and were going to pick up the tickets from me (since I had them and the theater it’s playing in is ridiculously close to my apartment). So around 4, my boss calls me and starts off by saying “Hey Sizzlechest” which made me laugh really hard. But even better, he wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to see Pirates 3 because his fiancée wasn’t feeling well. So of course I jumped at the opportunity! Before the film started Jerry Bruckheimer (mega producer) and then Gore Verbinski (director) came out and gave nice little thank you speeches for everybody who worked on the film. It was funny to see Jerry Bruckheimer in person, with his cool leather jacket and beard. I think I also saw the mom from Home Alone there but I’m not sure.

Anyways the movie: I don’t want to give away very many details but overall I’d say the film was just okay, I’d say a B-. I think maybe my expectations were really high. It had a lot of cool parts but it was way convoluted! Not so much that I didn’t understand what was going on, but there is a lot of flipity flopping and side changing. I really need to see it again to fully grasp a lot of the twists and turns. I also didn’t like the settings as much those in the first two. I enjoy the Caribbean parts of the first two films way more than where the places they take it in this one. But I will say the final battle in this one is ridiculous in an awesome way. I’d say if you liked the other two, you should check this out, if not, it won’t change your mind on the series. I don’t think there will be a backlash like Spiderman 3 or Matrix Revolutions. It delivers on kooky Pirate-y action but just isn’t as good as Black Pearl or Dead Man’s Chest.

In other trilogy news, “Shrek The Third” absolutely blows. I loved the first two, especially the second (although when re-watching them I noticed they make way too many dated jokes, that I get but some kid in ten years will not). Shrek 3 was so bad. There were maybe four times where I laughed and it was mainly because of wayyy periphery characters (case in point: the nerd with the bloody nose if you saw the movie). So if you like the Shrek movies don’t go see this one.

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
12:28 am
Thoughts on Oscars, being old, leaked Fall Out Boy record and more!
First I'm going to start with the Oscar nominations and my thoughts on them because you care so much about my opinion (if not you can skip to the bottom indicated by ">"). I think this past year was really an excellent year for film and I have seen a good portion of the movies nominated this go around. Usually I hate a ton of the things that get nominated but this year I love many and hate fewer.

Best Actor: Kind of bummed (but not really surprised) that Sacha Baron Cohen didn't get nominated for an Oscar. I was also super surprised that DiCaprio got nominated for "Blood Diamond" rather than "Departed". I mean he was good in Blood Diamond (that accent..bling bang!) but nowhere near as good as in "Departed". And Why wasn't Matt Damon up there for "Departed"??? And Will Smith? Come on. I mean I love him (BAD BOYS 2!) but could he have been that good in "Pursuit of Happiness"? I dunno... But from what I hear Forrest Whitaker is a lock for "Last King of Scottland", which is good because I love Forrest.

Best Supporting Actor: I'm pleased that Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Mark Wahlberg (Departed) got nominated. And I guess Djimon Houston was pretty good in Blood Diamond. BUT what kind of world do we live in where Eddie Murphy gets nominated for an Oscar? Well maybe for Norbit. That looks awesome. I'm pretty sure Marky Mark is rightfully a lock for this one.

Best Actress: Usually the best actress categories fucking blow. But this year Meryl Steep is in there for "Devil Wears Prada" in which she was really great and fun to watch. As good as Meryl is though, I have to say I think Helen Mirren has got it for "The Queen" which I saw and surprisingly enjoyed.

Best Supporting Actress: This is a tough one this year! If it was up to me I'd say, by a hair, Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) over Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). Rinko made Babel good. But sadly I'm pretty sure that she won't win. Same with Abigail. It's likely going to Jennifer Hudson for stupid "Dreamgirls". Barf. Well at least Beyonce didn't get anything.

Best Director: Another really tough one. I have seen all of these and they ar all mostly good. Paul Greengrass' "United 93" is massively overrated and I'm pretty sure it won't win. Stephen Frears' "The Queen" was great but I'm pretty sure it won't win for this either. Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Babel" , also good but also not a win. Here's where it gets tough: Clint Eastwood's "Letters to Iwo Jima" vs. Martin Scorsese's "The Departed". Both are fucking awesome but I think I'd have to say "Departed". But I'd like to make it very clear that I think Scorsese's past films are kind of overblown ("Taxi Driver" sucks so bad) so I don' think he is necessarily owed it like some people say, but I think they should reward him for making a really good film.

Best Screenplay, non adapted: Super tough! "Babel", "The Queen", "Pan's Labyrinth", "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Letters From Iwo Jima"! This is so tough! They are all really good! My gut tells me that perhaps "Little Miss Sunshine" will win but I kind of hope that "Iwo Jima" does.

Best Screenplay, adapted: Yet another toughy. I'd love to see "Borat" win but I'm not sure how much of it was really even scripted and given what it is, I doubt it will win. But hooray for the nomination. Then there's "The Departed". I saw the original, "Infernal Affairs", and it's pretty similar but I kind of liked "Departed" more (I saw "Departed" first so maybe that's why). Anyways I'm guessing it will win but if it were up to me I'd say it should be "Children of Men" because it was so excellent and wasn't really nominated for much else.

Best Picture: The big one. Thank the academy "Dreamgirls" didn't get a nom for this. Again another tough race. "Babel" did win the Golden Globe best drama, but I kind of feel that this is the "Brokeback Mountain" of this year in that it is hyped to win Oscar but won't. I do really love "Letters To Iwo Jima" but I'm thinking it won't win. Same with the "Queen". "Departed" could very well win it and I'd be happy BUT I think it would be really great if "Little Miss Sunshine" won.

A few comments on other stuff:

Animated features really really blew this year. I didn't see "Monster House" but I hope it beats dumb looking "Happy Feet" and disappointing "Cars".

Um why the fuck are THREE "Dreamgirls" songs nominated for best song??? Two would have been excessive! But they really dropped the ball in not nominating Devotchka for "Little Miss Sunshine" songs.

"Children of Men" really needs to win for best cinematography if nothing else because WOW it had some great long takes.

For Foreign Film I don't know how it won't be "Pan's Labyrinth" winning. Although "Days Of Glory" and "The Lives of Others" look pretty cool.

For Special Effects, Although our company is nominated for the work on "Superman Returns", I have to say "Pirates" really needs to win because the effects are seriously the best.

For Makeup, um..."Click" got nominated??? WTF! boooo academy! Apocalpyto or Pan's Labyrinth really needs to win this.

">"If you skipped my Oscar musing, I'd like to say fuck you.

Anyways, on to my date of birth. First off thanks to everyone for the bday wishes on phone/IM/facebook/myspace/yelling in my ear. It was quite fun. Before I left work on Friday, my office got me cupcakes which was very touching and delicious. Then I had a bunch of people over to my place and ordered "THE BIG PAPA" aka the largest delivery pizza in the world! 36 inches of pizza! It wouldn't fit through my door, I had to turn it sideways to get it in. Check it out:

After the pizza we headed to Clockwork Orange, a 18+ dance club haha. It's really fun though! There are 3 rooms: the smallest is indie/electro/alternative (Bloc Party remix/Nine Inch Nails), the next up is top 40/nineties hits, etc (sexy back ugh), and finally the big room is 80s. It's really a blast and if you hate the song you are hearing then you can just go to another room. So anyways I drank a lot and danced. But by 1am everyone had gotten tired and ditched on me! Not to be stopped by being a loner, I stayed til the end. Right after everyone left I went into the pop/nineties room where they played Blink 182's "What's My Age Again", a bittersweet event because although I do love Blink, the lyrics "Nobody likes you when you're 23" were all too fitting for my situation. Haha! The pictures can be found on facebook, I don't feel like posting all of them here. Sorry! Just go look there, go on.

So anyways I went home at 2 and scarfed down leftover pizza and listened to the new Fall Out Boy CD (which leaked, big ups to Emily z for emailing the link to me). It's really a great record and I have been listening to it nonstop ever since, and yes I'm going to buy it you anti-pirates out there. It's got songs you'd expect from them ("Carpel Tunnel Of Love", "Thriller") but also songs that sound like a pop punky John Legend ("Golden") or Justin Timberlake ("Arms Race" which is actually my least favorite track) and just plain awesomeness ("Thnks Fr Th Mmrs", "Bang the Doldrums") but my point is that it's not your typical pop punk record. I mean Babyface produced some tracks! Radical.

The next morning I woke up at 8:30 and felt like crap. So I went on my computer and then took what is possibly the greatest addition to the history of photography I will ever contribute:

So I did this til like 11:30am then went to sleep til 4:30 haha. I went and ate In N Out at like 6 and later that night went with Bob and Pyung to see "The Hitcher" which had some great moments (Sean Bean is great but not in it enough, Sophia Bush is a stone fox) but overall was pretty bad.

Next day I went to Farmer's Market to get some strawberries to eat and then Kabuki for some Japanese food. YUM! Then I went and got some used video games at EB Games. I got this game "Red Dead Revolver" for 8 bucks and it is such a blast. It's like a spaghetti western shooter game with really great style (the whole game has a yellowish tint and little film scratch lines like old westerns). I highly recommend it, especially for 8 bucks! Then I went to see Matt Miller play at a coffee shop where he and the others surprised me with cupcakes and my long requested song "Teenage Dirtbag"! It was pretty much the best thing ever. And now he knows how to play it so it will be requested even more.

Yesterday, Monday, I finally hung out with Parisa. We went to Westwood and had Pinkberry! It's really quite a treat. I'm not really obsessed with it but I can see why there's always a crowd.
We also went to "Jerry's Famous Deli". It was pretty good but I don't know if the fame is justified. After that we walked around and took random pictures in this arcade we came across. It was a really good time and you can see it all on my facebook account because I don't feel like posting them all here (and also because Parisa is a picture fascist).

Tonight I went to see Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford and shit load of other comedians who were trying to get a spot on Conan with Dan and Tom. Most of them were super funny. I had never really seen Patton before. He was okay but not as good as Dan had been hyping him. Maria Bamford was really bizarre but funny. Of the other comedians I don't remember most of their names except for Natasha Leggaro and Shane Conway (I think that was his name) who were probably my favorite non previously known people. And Sarah Silverman was pretty funny too and she at one point compared her sister's vagina to Cat Steven's face. Can't beat that. Oh! And Michael Cena aka George Michael from Arrested Development was in the crowd! I love minor celebrities so much more than big ones.

To finish off this entry I have another fun celeb sighting for you. Last weekend on Saturday afternoon I was working out in my gym, for you ladies taking notes I was doing shoulders. So anyways, who comes in and starts working out to my left? None other than Johnny Knoxville! I was going to say something to him but I decided to just leave him alone. I mean come on, he was in the zone. Maybe I'll see him some other time and give him a high five.

I leave you with the best recent (or ever, really) picture of Britney Spears I have ever seen:

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Sunday, December 31st, 2006
3:45 pm
Happy New Years?
Well it’s another year gone. Hard to believe but true. It has been a big year for me, graduating from college and moving to Canada and then to LA. Since I last wrote I also have had some milestones: I got my driver’s license and got a job at the Orphanage! It’s not exactly the field I want to be in but it’s a foot in the door which I think will be helpful. I also really like the company and the people who I work with. It’s all very exciting. Anyways, I forget a lot of the cool stories I’ve had since it’s been awhile. But instead of trying to figure those interesting stories out, instead I’m going to bore and/or entertain you with my opinions in the form of my top movies and top records of the year. In general I thought it was a great year for movies (plus I still haven’t seen many movies that might make this list such as “Children of Men”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Curse of the Golden Flower”, “Letters to Iwo Jima” and more) but kind of a terrible year for music. Anyways take a look if you dare…


1. Casino Royale –What a fantastic restart for the James Bond series. After I
finished watching it, I…

A. wanted to see it again and
B. Couldn't wait for the next one. That's always a good sign.

2. Brick – Hands down the most under rated movie of the year. It's a stylish noir detective story set in a high school that is well acted (features The kid from “Third Rock From The Sun” and Claire from “Lost” among others).

3. Deep Sea 3D – I was skeptical of 3D IMAX ever since "New York in 3D" sucked big huge dirty New York balls several years ago. But this was amazing. The 3D was incredible and the subject, bizarre and incredible sea creatures, was absolutely fascinating. And it’s narrated quite nicely by Johny Depp and Kate Winslet.

4. The Departed – I don't really care for Martin Scorsese films. "Taxi Driver" is one of the most over rated films ever, in my opinion. However this remake of "Infernal Affairs" is really spectacular. The acting is fantastic and it is just a superb crime drama with a lot of great suspense.

5. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – What more can I say that you don't already know? It's hilarious. Now that he’s so well known I don’t know how they’re going to do it but I can't wait for "Bruno".

6. Little Miss Sunshine – Again, What more can I say? Sweetest (as in "aww that's a sweet little girl" not "sweet fuckin' explosion!") movie of the year.

7. Thank You For Smoking – Really great dark comedy about a Big Tobacco lawyer.

8. Apocalypto – Now this movie is fuckin' sweet in a skull crushing sort of way. I think Mel Gibson is really incredible. Obviously he makes stupid personal decisions but
his films are really well done, even if they exploit religious figures. But back to Apocalypto, the chase at the end is ridiculously amazing. Surely worth the trauma of watching the rest of it.

9. Babel – I do have problems with this movie, however it's very thought provoking. And Rinko Kikuchi's part as a deaf Japanese school girl is incredible.

10. District B13 – French action movie that employs a lot of parkour (basically jumping through, over, and around shit in urban areas). One of the most fun movies of the year.

11. Slither – probably the best horror movie of the year, is scary yet also very funny.

12. Superman Returns – swell relaunch of the Superman franchise, and you got to love Kevin Spacy as Lex Luthor is quite priceless (“WRONG!”). And Kumar is in it as a henchmen!

13. Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny – So hilarious. I feel like it would have done better 3 years ago but I still think it's really funny.

14. Flags of Our Fathers – I kind of wanted another “Saving Private Ryan”, which this wasn't. However it's still a really interesting film about fact vs. legend.

15. Devil Wears Prada – I didn't think I was going to like this but it's really quite good. I want Anne Hathaway so bad.

16. Jackass #2 – I still maintain it's not as good as the first one. But it's still really really funny.

17. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest – So it was a little long. But it had great action sequences and special effects were killer. I'm still excited for #3!

18. V For Vendetta – A solid adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel.

19. Mission Impossible 3 – Has some of the stealthiness of the first one with some great action sequences much better than the second's. I still love Tom Cruise.

20. Charlotte's Web – Super cute animals. Just don't get intimate while watching it, trust me.

21. The Queen – really interesting film about the Queen’s reaction to Princess Diana’s death.

22. The Decent – Really good horror movie. Defiantly the scariest movie I saw this year.

23. The Prestige – Magicians battling for the best version of the same trick. At first I thought it was just okay but the more I talked about it with Bob the more interesting it became. Now I kind of want to see it again to see if there was even more that I missed.

24. Blood Diamond – It defiantly has problems, but overall a good movie. Everytime I watch a movie about Africa, it's like what a fucking mess. I really don't know how they are going to turn that place around.

25. Inside Man – Spike Lee makes a great robbery thriller that is enjoyable. I am kind of excited for his movie about the LA riots.

Like, Sooooo Disappointing:

X-Men 3: The Last Stand- Brett Ratner ruined everything by killing off characters, making others pointless and just making an all around dumb movie. Sadly so many people still buy it.

The Black Dahlia- I was expecting L.A. Confidential meets Seven and instead I got a really stupid movie about boring detectives.

The Fountain – it wasn't THAT bad, however I heard about this film probably a year and a half ago and the story sounded so cool to me (A time traveling movie that happens during the conquistador times, the present, and the future). But then it turned out to be not about time travel, very pretentious and basically pointless.


1. Set Your Goals – Mutiny! – A really fun and positive pop-punk album, which is perfect for me.

2. We Are Scientists – With Love And Squalor - “Indie rock” that I actually really like. I think they are kind of like Franz Ferdinand meets Green Day but I’m sure some people would disagree with that description.

3. Brand New – The God and the Devil are Raging Inside of Me – Not as good as their previous work, however it's still really good and has grown on me quite a bit since I first listened to it. Kind of a downer record though.

4. Say Anything – Is A Real Boy (re issue) – Technically came out awhile ago but it’s awesome so whatever. It has new material on it so it counts.

5. Hit The Lights – This is a stick up don't make it a murder – More fun pop punk that will tide me over until the new Fall Out Boy record comes out. And helps make up for the heinous new New Found Glory record.

6. Underoath – Define The Great Line – My favorite Christian hardcore band got heavier since their last record. At first I wasn't a fan but it has grown on me quite a bit.

7. Dashboard Confessional – Dusk and Summer – lovey dovey summer songs. You should probably beat me up for liking this.

8. Saosin – s/t – They took over where Finch left off in my heart.

9. Damone – Out Here All Night - I don't know why this band isn't bigger. They could totally open for Kelly Clarkson and be famous.

10. Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage – I just found out about this group. All I ever wanted in life is cheesey guitar solos and lyrics. Plus how awesome is their name?

11. Unearth – III: In The Eyes Of Fire - I liked their last record a lot more but this one is pretty good metal.

12. Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny – Really hilarious after seeing the movie.

Like, Sooooo Disappointing:
Taking Back Sunday- Louder Now – I liked Taking Back Sunday's last album which many people hated. Then I heard they were recording with Eric Valentine, who produced some of my favorite rockin' cds. Then I heard a clip from the record of a song called "Spin" which was awesome. The single came out, it was catchy. Things were looking very promising. Then I bought the cd and it was just totally underwhelming aside from

New Found Glory-Coming Home – What a god awful record. The first two
songs I heard before the CD came out were not too good. So I downloaded the rest and thank god I did because it's so bad. NFG has been going down hill for awhile now but at least on the last album there were several songs I liked! This has none. Not one.

Plus 44/Angels And Airwaves – Blink 182 was one of my favorite bands when I was younger. I still listen to them a bunch. Very fun stuff. So obvs I was bummed when they broke up. Then I hear about new bands, Tom was doing Angels and Airwaves which he claimed would put out the best record in 20 years. I was intrigued. The first song came out, it was just okay. Then I went to see them play live and it was massivly underwhelming. But after the show I hear kids saying it's the best thing they'd ever seen. HA! I think not. Then Mark and Travis came out with Plus 44, which was originally described as going for a Postal Service sound. Once again I was intrigued. Then as months went on they diverged from that and put out "When Your Heart Stops Beating", again another okay song, nothing great. So I download the album and its also just meh. I have no desire to listen to it really. I really just want them to make fun music again. They are trying to hard to be dark. Why can't they put out a goofy album? That would be much better.

So anyways, That’s it. Tell me what you think! Oh and have a happy new years!

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
6:05 pm
Celeb sighting!
I saw Preston Lacy (the fat guy from Jackass) on a date or something at Kabuki, my Japanese Restaurant of choice in Hollywood. Not the biggest celebrity but notable none the less.

PS If you come visit me, I may take you to go dancing at 80s night at a club near me. WARNING: I may seduce you. Either that or encourage you to jump from a dumpster to a really high fire escape latter (Sorry Andy).
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
3:35 pm
The many goings on of october and begining of november
I'd like to start out by expressing my pleasure due to the recent news that Britney is divorcing K-Fed. I don't think I'll ever like her as much as pre K-Fed however, it's good that he's finally out! Anyways, I have not been good with updating! My excuse is that I have been busy. Still happily interning at The Orphanage. Working on getting the driver’s license (should be very, very soon!). Other than that I partook in a new project two of my friends Bob and Andy dreamed up. It’s a youtube series called “Tinseltown”. I am in the first episode and if you enjoy people (me) getting hit in the face with things or almost seeing me half naked then you will probably like it. It’s my best work since Kissing Cousins 2k4. Check it out here:

Speaking of Kissing Cousins 2k4, Dan has me involved in a new homoerotic scheme. This time we are entering a live monthly contest called “Dirtiest Sketch in LA” at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater. Yeah it’s going to be bad. I don’t think it will be the dirtiest, because in the past the winners of the contest have won through being really gross rather than making offensive jokes, which I believe is our strength. We are not willing to say, whip our dicks out, dip said dicks in a glass of milk in front of a live audience and then drink the milk as last month’s winning group did. However ours will still be pretty crazy and gross, so hopefully the competition doesn’t pull a dick-milk move and we will win. If you want to go, feel free. I think it’s like 5 bucks and on November 17th. My dear friend Daniela will be in town to see it so you can ask her about it if you can’t go.

This weekend was quite awesome. I got a lot done. Actually Friday was the lamest Friday I have ever lived through. I ate In N Out, watched “Lost” on DVD and went out to get on sale Halloween candy. So sad. Don’t worry my weekend got better! On Saturday I went to see Louis CK, who is a stand up comic and Chris Rock’s movie writing partner, do stand up for an HBO. Very hilarious, I recommend you watch the special and look for me and Dan. After that We went to see Borat with the biggest crew ever (Me, Dan, Dan’s friend Tom, Bob, Andy Sharista, Matt Miller, Kate, Pyung, Joe Pops, Pam, Alex K, Meredith, and Chelsea). Borat is so hilarious. It’s so crazy and offensive. I don’t want to give anything away so stop reading if you haven’t seen it, but if you’ve seen it: my favorite part would have to be the part where he bags Pamela Anderson. Then on Sunday I had a loner day where I got so much done: went to Hollywood farmer’s market where I ate crepes and papusas, and got strawberries. Then I investigated getting a new cell phone. It went well and I am probably going to have a new phone and number within the week. After that I went to see “Flags of Our Fathers”, which I will talk more about later. Then I went home, made some dinner, built my dresser, and watched part of “Mission Impossible 3”. Impressed? You should be.

What else have I been up to? Well I saw the ska band Reel Big Fish literally 2 times in a week. The first time I was invited by my friend DJ Rossstar to see them at the Avalon, a big club in Hollywood. He had backstage passes and I got totally drunk. I met music video director Jonathan London (did videos for Reggie and The Full Effect, New Amsterdams, etc) who was really cool as well as the dude who got kicked out of Yellowcard. The bands that played were also super nice. After the show we went out to drink with the singer from Reel Big Fish, Aaron, and a bunch of guys from openers Suburban Legends. We got sloshed at the Rainbow Room, where I was fooled by a fake Dave Navarro and took a picture with him. I totally thought it was him but as you can see, it’s clearly not. On the ride home I apparently talked drunken nonsense with Aaron. I think I congratulated him for being in “Basketballs” but I don’t really remember. I had to get out and throw up on the side of a Koo Koo Roo (a chicken fast food place). The second time I saw Reel Big Fish was at the House of Blues in Anaheim for Halloween. They had great Halloween costumes (Aaron was Elvis, trumpet player 1 was a zombie, trombone player was an Arab emirate, trumpet player 2/guitar player was a skeleton, drummer was drummer from Devo, Bass player was a creepy clown who kept sneaking up behind the other band members and creeping them out). I thought the venue kind of sucked though. Way too small and there are few good places to watch from. AND they don’t allow cameras inside. Weak.

Reel Big Fish Rockin' Out

Me and the Rossstar.

back stage @ the Avalon

Homoerotic wrestling between director Jonathan London and former Yellowcard guitarist.

Clearly, Not Dave Navarro, but he fooled me when I was blitzed.

My Halloween costume for the Reel Big Fish Halloween show. I was a record exec because they have that song "Sell Out"! Everyone thought I was a mormon. Sigh.

I went to Mexico for a wedding! I went with Ambar and her friend Maggie. It was a lot of fun but not such a great wedding. If it was mine I’d be pissed. First of all, there was no music when the bride and groom came in. Then, the guy who wedded them, known only as Rex, seemed like he could barely read and stumbled through the ceremony which lasted like 10 minutes. The dinner afterward was yummy, however the cake sucked. Wedding cake is supposed to be the bomb! It took forever to get back into the US because of customs. The upside of this is that funny little Mexicans sell you things while you sit in traffic. I got a bag of churros for like $1.50! A bag! But oh well. Mexico was really beautiful and I really want to go back to visit for longer because we only stayed for a few hours. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Beautiful Rosarito!

Me and Ambar

Trying to make an angry face with Ambar singing in Spanish at you is hard

Me and the ladies

I love bags of churros.

What else is new…Oh yes, Matt Miller had a big show at the famous Whiskey A Go Go, which was a lot of fun. Is it bad to request a cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" like 3 times? Because I did. But seriously it was a good show, I eagerly await his next show. But I think he should kick the chair out at some point and rock out with his cock out, figurativly speaking of course. Although it would be pretty funny if he went the literal route. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Go on and enjoy them. Go on. Shoo!

Pretty damn cool.

Matt Miller rocking out.

A truly terrible band. But the smoke machine was kind of neat.

Here is what we will call the movie section. I have seen a ton since we last talked and I will list them and tell you a fun little anecdote with each one.

Thank You For Smoking: I got to go to the DVD release screening of this movie and I can tell you it’s really great. A bunch of the cast was there and did a Q and A. There was Aaron Eckhart who played the main character, Cameron Bright who played his son (also the weird kid in crappy X-Men 3, and kid who gets shot in Running Scared), J.K Simmons who played his boss (AND J JONAH JAMESON IN THE SPIDERMAN MOVIES!), and Director Jason Reitman. The guy who asked questions was awful. He was from USA Today, who I love. But these questions were just super lame and would fall flat, leaving little if any room for good answers. It was awkward at times. Oh and I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that child actors, say under the age of 16 have nothing relevant to say. Cameron Bright was a poor question answerer. Granted, he was given some bad questions but whatever. It was the same with that girl from “Little Miss Sunshine”. Oh well.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning: My first movie premiere! Bob found free tickets online. Sadly we did not get to walk on the red carpet. But I did see Jon Voight in the crowd. Afterward I saw 3 of the movie’s stars walking around. First, R Lee Emery, who is pretty good as a bad guy. Then the guy who played leatherface. Then the weird fat lady. Unfortunately when I saw her I was so excited that I said “look guys, theres the fat lady!”. Thankfully she didn’t hear it. Anyways, the movie is not that great. More of the same from the first remake but I’d say not as good.

The Departed: Really great movie. No cool story behind this really. It’s just a really solid crime/thriller/suspense film. Although it’s a remake I haven’t seen the original, “Infernal Affairs” but I hear it is also really good, I think that “Departed” probably changes enough to be able to stand on it’s own. It’s defiantly my favorite Martin Scorsese film, although I’m really not a huge fan. I still maintain that “Taxi Driver” is way, way over rated.

Slither: I went with Bob to this pre release DVD screening and it was great. It is a really fun horror/comedy film about a small town over run by weird alien slugs. The writer/director, James Gunn, wrote Scooby Doo 1 and 2 as well as the “Dawn of the Dead” remake. He’s also married to Pam from the US version of “The Office”. James Gunn and stars Nathan Fillion (“Serenity”/”Firefly”!) and Michael Rooker (“Mallrats”) were all there and did a fantastic Q and A. They were all really funny and told some really funny stories. I highly recommend “Slither”, it is easily the most underrated movie of the year.

Driftwood: Again, went with Bob and Andy this time to see this b-movie’s “premiere”. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it was kind of dumb. It’s about this youth correction camp and a ghost of a kid who died there who is trying to get revenge. All the actors were there, including wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (who was actually pretty good in it). There was an after party that we went to but it was really lame and we left. The best part of the evening was that one of the actors in the movie was apparently dating one of the sisters from “Sister Sister” and she was there! I wanted to go up and take a picture with her but I felt bad because it was her boyfriend’s “big night” and I was clearly only interested in taking a picture with her. Oh well.

Flags of Our Fathers: I was a loner and went by myself to see this because I kept waiting on Bob and Andy to see it and they kept dicking around! So I said “I’m going on Sunday, with or without those butt munches!” And indeed those butt munches were filming the next episode of Tinseltown, thus I went by myself. It was a good movie, I was a little disappointed though because I want to see another “Saving Private Ryan” type of movie. That said, I went in knowing it wasn’t going to be that, and “Flags” is more about the soldiers once they come home to promote the war effort. The battle parts were still quite incredible. I think they are making a “Band of Brothers” type thing with the pacific theater of the war and I think that will be more of what I’m looking for. Anyways, “Flags” is quite good if you are into war/historical movies.

Spider Man 2: Okay this has been out forever, however there was a special event the other night, where they had a Q and A with Stan Lee, asked by Kevin Smith! This was probably the best Q and A ever. If you didn’t know, Stan Lee is the creator of many great marvel comics such as “Spiderman”, “X-Men”, “Ironman”, “The Hulk”, etc. Basically everything. Stan Lee is like 80 and still super sharp. Kevin Smith was a great interviewer too. He asked great questions and we got some real insight into the beginning of Marvel and how Stan came up with these super heroes. If you looked up the word anecdote, this Q and A would be there.

Babel: A Really interesting ensemble drama with Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Gael Garcia Bernal. It’s from the same writer and director team as “Amores Perros” and “21 Grams”. I wasn’t a huge fan of “21 Grams” but “Amores is quite great. “Babel” is about 4 different stories happening in different parts of the world that all end up coming together. The most interesting of the 4 in my opinion is the one they have been least hyping, which is the Japanese one. It deals with this deaf Japanese teenager. I think that the actress who plays the girl, Rinko Kikuchi, should at the very least be nominated if not win for best actress for the Oscars. I don’t want to give anything else away but I think it’s a thought provoking film that you will want to talk about after seeing it.

Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan: Just amazing. Based on the character from “Da Ali G Show”, if you love offensive, crazy, gut busting hysterical comedy then you will love this movie. There are so many funny parts, I couldn’t even name them all if I tried. I can’t wait for “Bruno”.

Well that’s pretty much the longest update ever. Hopefully I will update again sooner next time but I make no promises.

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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
12:14 pm
I FINALLY SAW CELEBRITIES OUT IN THE WILD! First I saw Rob Cordrey, formally of the daily show, at this mall called the Grove. Later that night I went to see We Are Scientists/Art Brut/The Spinto Band @ The Fonda Theatre and Adam Brody from the OC was there! I was super star struck but asked him for a picture and here it is.

My friend Chealsea was on the other side of him but this is the cropped version so I have Seth Cohen all to myself. In a heterosexual way...haha

Anyways the show was really good, I love We Are Scientists. Art Brut fucking sucks. And luckily Adam Brody doesn't like them either apparently because I met him upstairs on the roof when Art Brut was playing. Spinto Band was really great, I'd never seen them before. One of the singers, Nick Krill, used to live across the hall from me in the dorms so it was funny to see him rocking out on stage. Anyways here are some pictures from the night.

The Spinto Band!

We Are Scientists!

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Friday, September 29th, 2006
8:17 pm
Hollywood update finally!
Ok I haven’t written in here in forever, I’ve been fairly busy. I work as an intern at The Orphanage, a production company who mainly do special effects but also are working on a lot of projects themselves. Work is pretty cool. The people I work with are quite nice, relatively down to earth and pretty laid back. I mostly do admin stuff like answering the phones and booking flights but sometimes I get to see tests for special effects shots. I can’t say what I’ve seen due to confidentiality agreements but my friends Tony Stark, John McClane and Norrin Radd might be able to tell you a little bit. I also do a lot of coverage of scripts aka writing a synopsis and comments. I can tell you that if you think what makes it onscreen these days is bad, you should read some of what doesn’t.

The weather in LA is ridic. It’s always sunny. I have been here like a month and a half, it has not rained ever and has been cloud maybe 2.5 times.

I live right in Hollywood, like 2 blocks away from the Mann’s Chinese Theater where they have a bunch of premiers and really close to where they shoot Jimmy Kimmel. I live right behind In N Out Burger which are arguably the best hamburgers that fast food has to offer. The other contender, Jack in the Box, is down the street. I pretty much don’t have to leave the one mile radius I live in. There’s Best Buy, Target, a grocery store called Ralph’s (I like that name but it’s not a great grocery store), a New York Pizza place, 2 movie theaters (Mann’s and Arclight which is like the best theatre ever), A bubble tea place, 2 Quiznos, Amoeba records (best record store ever), an awesome gym that I joined called Hollywood Gym is like 2 mins walk, and of course there is In N Out. Also my dear friends Bob and Andy live like 2 blocks away, Matt Miller lives 15 minutes away, and Dan L lives a short drive away from me. I have also met a bunch of other awesome people through those guys. Really a lot of AU people are out here: Melissa Biel, John Wood, Alex Karhger, Joe Pops, DJ Rossstar, and Steve Sievers I have seen. I have yet to see Aaron Biller and I need to give him a call so if you see him tell him to call me.

The downside to my neighborhood is that it’s pretty much all normal people or struggling actors. I haven’t seen any famous people out in the wild yet. Not even sort of/kind of people. But I have seen some from a distance at things they are supposed to be at as you may read below if your eyes can stand it.

Since I haven’t updated enough here’s a quick summary of some fun things I have done in LA

-Working as a production assistant on a nicorette commercial directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Lab, Star Wars Clone Wars animated series) which was kind of cool. Actually it was like a 1 second shot of a boot on a green screen stomping out a cig. So unglamorous. Sigh.

-DJ Rossstar’s punk rock show, of course! Me and Dan went to see it and Andrew McMahon, the singer from Something Corporate was there. He was awesome and quite funny. Here is part of the interview if you want to see it:


-Waking up to Ruff Ryders Motorcycle crew making loud noises. So I live behind a Days Inn and it just so happened that the Ruff Ryders were having a parade somewhere in Hollywood, so of course they pick the Days Inn to stay at and congregate at. So all weekend they were peeling out and playing loud music that woke me up at 10 am. Why are they up at 10 am??? I don’t know. Sadly DMX was not in attendance.

-Comedy show at the laugh factory. Best line up ever: Dane Cook, Michael Richards (KOSMO KRAMER!), Russell Peters, and Richard Jeni. Dane Cook’s stuff was pretty much all new to me and was at least twenty times better than the stuff on “Vicious Circle”. And seeing Kramer was surreal. He moves around just like Kramer with all the hand gestures and jitters.

-Jimmy Kimmel Show, with Dane Cook, Bam Margera and Lupe Fiasco. I don’t know why they call it Jimmy Kimmel Live because it is clearly taped. AND Dane Cook’s segment hasn’t even aired yet. So un-live, it’s dead. But it was a good show.

-Seeing Nouvelle Vague, the French band that does bossa nova covers of New Wave songs with my cousin. I didn’t know a lot of the songs as many were obscure but I did know Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself”. Sadly they did not play “I Ran So Far Away”.

-Going to LAX (DJ AM’s club) with my dear friend Alexis Allen. I hadn’t seen her in forever. We drank 40s and Sparks before hand at the nicest hotel I have ever been in, The Grand Beverly something on Rodeo Drive. Sadly we didn’t see any celebs at LAX BUT Benji from Good Charlotte was Djing and he played some good songs.

-Seeing “Little Miss Sunshine” with a Q & A after with producers and the girl who plays Olive. She was also in “Signs”! Although she didn’t really have too much interesting to say because she’s like 6. It was still funny to see.

-Seeing “Feast” with a Q & A after from director John Gulager and writer Marcus Dunstan(from Project Greenlight). It was an okay movie, defiantly could have done with a bigger budget but the guys were really interesting and funny to hear. Also like 3 of the cast were in the theatre.

-Seeing “Mutual Appreciation” with a Q & A with the writer/director/star Andrew Bujalski and then going to an after party in Santa Monica at a financier’s (who works for Elvis Costello) house afterward. There was a golden tape on the wall! I was impressed. But a word to the wise, don’t see the movie. It’s like 2 hours of nonsense, boring nonsense. If you are or know a lot of trendy New York hipsters maybe you will laugh slightly, 5 times. At best.

-Seeing craziness at premieres for “Beerfest” and “Employee of The Month”. A ton of people crowd around on the other side of the street from Mann’s. I saw “Beerfest” rabble while walking to get something to eat. Then, me and a couple people went to poke around for the “Employee” joint. Andy Dick came over and so did JSimp (Jessica Simpson, my nickname for her JSimp is slowly but surely catching on). I’m also trying to start the trend of adding “sies” to the end of words. Like “Let’s get some foodsies” or “My feet are touchsies on the bottom”. I think it could totes be the new abvs. Just remember I started it!

-Going to Dodgers games and getting both young person and old person perspectives. First, I went to a game vs. the Rockies with one of my dad’s old ex-girlfriends (who I thought may have been an ex-wife but that ended up not true, but at the time I thought that she was) and her husband which was somewhat surreal and awkward. They got seats way up high behind home plate. I had never seen a game from this position and it was cool. Then I went with Dan and his roommate Martin to see the Dodgers play division rivals San Diego Padres in the outfield stands. This was awesome because the crowd was super rowdy and was yelling, throwing peanuts at and booing people with San Diego hats. We also almost caught a ball that an outfielder threw after practice.

-Last night I went and saw Ludacris outside for Jimmy Kimmel. I’m pretty sure you can see me if you watch it because I was pretty close to the middle front and am a tall white kid in a sea of mostly black and Latino people. It was really funny, on the show Jimmy had a segment called Jimmy’s carpool. And the spot that Jimmy started out in is literally in front of my building (I knew because he was sitting on this weird leather couch someone put out there that had spray paint on it and because my place is so close to where they shoot).

Welllll that’s about all I feel like writing. Goodnight and thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
11:40 pm
I live in Hollywood?!!?
Quick update. Started Internship, it's pretty swell so far. Got an apartment in a killer location (2 blocks from Chinese Theater, and work, right behind In N Out Burger aka the best thing ever). I like it here alot. But the drivers are nucking futs. Anyways, more when I get the time.
Monday, August 7th, 2006
10:48 pm
LA awaits!
Dear friends, countryman, enemies, random readers, whoever. Good to see you all. I’m off to LA tomorrow. I don’t really even believe that the time is here already. Dan and his friend have got a place sort of near where I’ll hopefully be, so it is likely we can hang out. I also will get in touch with Bob/Andy (Bandy if you will). My plan is so ramshackle. Go to LA, stay with people, find a place within 5 days. Sigh. I did like being in Canada but I have been pretty lonely so it will be good to be back among friends and maybe make some new ones. I might not be updating this much for awhile after the trip down because who knows if I’ll have the internet? I will try my best though.

I am also working on a new song diss in my head, it should be pretty good and really comprehensive (references anyone?). Hopefully I will write it on the way down and post it. Along those lines, it’s been really funny, I’ve gotten two anonymous posts downing on my Fergie entry! I don’t really get why people don’t just put their names in. What's to be affraid of? I am not vengeful or crazy. In fact I appreciate criticism. I'll debate you about stupid songs if you want, ask Cella! And what am I going to do if I know your name??? Oh no! I may fly off the handle and write about it! Oooo scary! I am kind of curious as to who they are. Are they someone I know who are just huge Fergie fans but don’t want anyone to know it? Or is it some random person? One of them said I wasn’t funny or witty but ironically enough the comment itself was unfunny and unwitty. The least the person could have done is be witty if they are going to say I’m not. Also they said that I probably spent a long time doing this and that I am a loser which leads me to believe I do not know them OR they don’t care to read my other entries because clearly I am a loser. I haven’t socialized with anyone my age here in Canada and I really don’t have anything better to do than make fun of dumb songs that I hear. But actually the entries don’t take me THAT long. The second comment was somewhat defending the Fergie song saying that I didn’t get the lyrics right and that I should just not listen to it if I don’t like it. Well, anonymous person, I am sorry I didn’t get the lyrics exactly right but from listening to the song, it’s just bad and despite the few minor changes you mentioned it still sounds really obnoxious and is still really really really bad. And I don’t listen to it! I don’t really care to hear it again. So why do I write about how bad it is instead of leaving it alone? I do it because A. I have nothing better to do, B. I want to let everyone else I know how bad it is, and C. as a member of the music listening community I feel it is my duty to out such awful garbage. If I ever make a really dumb/bad song I expect everyone to write about how terrible it is and insult me as a person in doing so. And then I will go and comment anonymously, writing insults about it and you; and the circle of life will continue.

Today I went to Miniature world downtown with my aunt and uncle. It’s this small museumish place that has really detailed models of historical battles, literary characters (Oliver Twist, Swiss Family Robinson), the circus, and other stuff. I used to go there all the time as a kid and I still love it. Pictures!

Here’s pictures of the Canadian equivalent to the Blue Angels called the Snowbirds. Yeah kind of a lame name. But if you think about it, Blue Angels is kind of lame too. But despite the names they are awesome:

They made a heart! awww

On Saturday we went to a family reunion thing at a lakeside family cottage which was pretty fun. They were mostly distant relatives from me (Mom’s cousins and their families) but it was a great deal of fun. Heres the lake, pretty no?

Well, that’s all for now. Wish me luck in LA. Or not. Whatever works.

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
8:42 pm
I can't think of a good title, only naked women
The Peanut gallery for the week:

barnesy713: could you please stop dissing my man j timberlake and SexyBack....it's bad enough lance bass is gay, justin is my only hope

barnesy713: minus the whole bashing of jtim
barnesy713: i appreciate your music interests

K3284: i concur that london bridge is a piece of shit

alexis AVENGED: I just listened to sexy back. :x

Peantus72: dude your fucking music critique LJ entries are fucking hilarious

SleepBeau3: u dont like london bridge either???

djcribage: it never left

I think the consensus is that London Bridge is pretty terrible. I'm not surprised. I don't recommend it and I think doctors would agree pregnant women should avoid it. That's kind of a funny thought. Imagine if someone played completely terrible music to their unborn child? Maybe it would make them really smart. That or really retarded. Yeah, almost defiantly retarded.

So the whole Lance bass thing. I'm not really that surprised that he's gay but I am surprised that he actually came out. You know when I first suspected? I mean besides the fact that Nsync was pretty gay? He was on Madtv promoting "On the Line" which I bet was so bad. They were doing a skit where Will Sasso was pretending to be Lance getting interviewed about the movie, which was really funny (Will Sasso is amazing) but then the real Lance comes in with his co star (her name is long forgotten in the library of dumb movies) and they start arguing about who is the real Lance. Then to prove it, the real Lance kisses his co star and was the most terrible, weak stagey kiss I have ever seen. That very moment, I was like, "You know what? He could actually be gay." And he was. I am basically a detective of useless things.

Okay so I listened to another new Jtim song called "My Love" and it is sooo much more acceptable than stupid "Sexy Back". I think someone from the record company accidentally sent out a filler track known as "Sexy Back" out to radio/mtv etc and they just ran with the mistake. "Fuck you sent out "Sexy Back"?!? That shit sucks ass dude! It was just supposed to be track 7! Fuck Fuck Fuck what are we going to do? Wait I've got it! We'll just act as if this is the actual single, the kids will eat it up anyways! Let's go roll in our sea of money mwhaha!"


Also, if you will notice this amazing icon that I made (yes I made it, I am the shit), that would be nice:

I also recreated Jordan's classic Jon Benet Icon which I'm using as my user picture for this entry.

So the other day I went to a picnic the family was invited to. Yeah seriously, a picnic. At first I thought it was going to be awful because I didn't know anyone and it was all old people but it ended up being rather nice. They had this really good drink called Fisherman's punch, which I think is peach brandy, rum, and maybe lemon juice? I haven't had a drink since I left washington beside the occasional beer with dinner on the trip and I think I was a little tipsy. But I didn't do anything really embarrassing. The people there were really random. It was my grandmother's best friend, her male companion who was a really funny old guy with a really heavy cockney accent, two of her daughters (one was a really skinny smokey ex model looking woman, the other was a weird fuzzy hippyish woman), one of my mom's cousins and her husband. They were all very nice and I got the usual "what are you doing with your life" rigmarole like 5 times as well as humorous anecdotes from the past. Apparently once my grandmother who was very nice and mild mannered, when she was around my age I guess, was cutting up bread for a party and was told that the guests were waiting, she said "Let the bastards wait!" Grandmas aren't supposed to say bastard!!! Pretty funny though.

Also new to life here: my father finally arrived bringing with him some much needed heat relief from mother. We had to haul a shitload of stuff up to the attic. I really dislike attics because they are hot. Luckily this one isn't dirty. Anyways not a pleasant experience but its done now.

Today my aunt alex and uncle ted came. Sadly uncle ted is not like the bobby's world character so don't ask. It was a nice visit but they brought with them more shit for me to haul in, thankfully not to the attic. It's old stuff of my grandparents fro the house I suppose.

What else have I been doing with my nondescript life you ask? Well I have watched a great deal of film. I've been trying to watch movies I haven't seen that are in the great del pinal collection. First, I watched the Notebook. Man, it's such a sappy movie but it totally got to this old softie. The McAdams/Gosling love scenes are mega hot. The old people storyline made me a little depressed but the hot young love making balanced it out and I think it was a good flick. Next I watched Basic Instinct. I never really got what the big deal about Sharon Stone was but my god she was good and super hot...in a deadly way. Although it was awesome, I really don't know why they made a second one so late. I mean sure she's a great character but 14 years is too much time. Also, Michael Douglas has never looked that great but he is a good actor.

Next up on my unseen list are: Dr. Strangelove, Conan (1 and 2, although I don't know if I will actually watch 2 haha), Aeon Flux (I dunno....), Monster's Ball, Soylent Green, Somewhere in Time, Where Eagles Dare, Ed Wood, and the Longest Day. I probably won't watch all of these as I also am in the mood to watch Starship Troopers, Golden Eye and Good Bad And The Ugly. I am not sure which movies to give priority so if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me what you think.

There is also the matter of new movies coming out! I am so excited for Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (if you're dumb and didn't know it's the new Will Ferrel movie about Nascar). I also sort of want to see Miami Vice and Lady In The Water but they are not too high on the list. I also want to try and see Scanner Darkly, the new Keanu Reeves movie that's all film/animation hybrid or whatever you call it. Oh! and District b13, a french action movie that's supposed to be awesome that I missed seeing in Maryland months ago is playing at a theatre near me soon which is exciting.

Well I have run out of interesting things to say since my life is pretty boring and I have to make up for it by making fun of other people's dumb songs.

PS I found the most awesome band ever. they sound like journey and are called Line Of Fire. Everything about them is funny yet not a joke. I mean that in a good way.

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