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I can't think of a good title, only naked women

The Peanut gallery for the week:

barnesy713: could you please stop dissing my man j timberlake and's bad enough lance bass is gay, justin is my only hope

barnesy713: minus the whole bashing of jtim
barnesy713: i appreciate your music interests

K3284: i concur that london bridge is a piece of shit

alexis AVENGED: I just listened to sexy back. :x

Peantus72: dude your fucking music critique LJ entries are fucking hilarious

SleepBeau3: u dont like london bridge either???

djcribage: it never left

I think the consensus is that London Bridge is pretty terrible. I'm not surprised. I don't recommend it and I think doctors would agree pregnant women should avoid it. That's kind of a funny thought. Imagine if someone played completely terrible music to their unborn child? Maybe it would make them really smart. That or really retarded. Yeah, almost defiantly retarded.

So the whole Lance bass thing. I'm not really that surprised that he's gay but I am surprised that he actually came out. You know when I first suspected? I mean besides the fact that Nsync was pretty gay? He was on Madtv promoting "On the Line" which I bet was so bad. They were doing a skit where Will Sasso was pretending to be Lance getting interviewed about the movie, which was really funny (Will Sasso is amazing) but then the real Lance comes in with his co star (her name is long forgotten in the library of dumb movies) and they start arguing about who is the real Lance. Then to prove it, the real Lance kisses his co star and was the most terrible, weak stagey kiss I have ever seen. That very moment, I was like, "You know what? He could actually be gay." And he was. I am basically a detective of useless things.

Okay so I listened to another new Jtim song called "My Love" and it is sooo much more acceptable than stupid "Sexy Back". I think someone from the record company accidentally sent out a filler track known as "Sexy Back" out to radio/mtv etc and they just ran with the mistake. "Fuck you sent out "Sexy Back"?!? That shit sucks ass dude! It was just supposed to be track 7! Fuck Fuck Fuck what are we going to do? Wait I've got it! We'll just act as if this is the actual single, the kids will eat it up anyways! Let's go roll in our sea of money mwhaha!"


Also, if you will notice this amazing icon that I made (yes I made it, I am the shit), that would be nice:

I also recreated Jordan's classic Jon Benet Icon which I'm using as my user picture for this entry.

So the other day I went to a picnic the family was invited to. Yeah seriously, a picnic. At first I thought it was going to be awful because I didn't know anyone and it was all old people but it ended up being rather nice. They had this really good drink called Fisherman's punch, which I think is peach brandy, rum, and maybe lemon juice? I haven't had a drink since I left washington beside the occasional beer with dinner on the trip and I think I was a little tipsy. But I didn't do anything really embarrassing. The people there were really random. It was my grandmother's best friend, her male companion who was a really funny old guy with a really heavy cockney accent, two of her daughters (one was a really skinny smokey ex model looking woman, the other was a weird fuzzy hippyish woman), one of my mom's cousins and her husband. They were all very nice and I got the usual "what are you doing with your life" rigmarole like 5 times as well as humorous anecdotes from the past. Apparently once my grandmother who was very nice and mild mannered, when she was around my age I guess, was cutting up bread for a party and was told that the guests were waiting, she said "Let the bastards wait!" Grandmas aren't supposed to say bastard!!! Pretty funny though.

Also new to life here: my father finally arrived bringing with him some much needed heat relief from mother. We had to haul a shitload of stuff up to the attic. I really dislike attics because they are hot. Luckily this one isn't dirty. Anyways not a pleasant experience but its done now.

Today my aunt alex and uncle ted came. Sadly uncle ted is not like the bobby's world character so don't ask. It was a nice visit but they brought with them more shit for me to haul in, thankfully not to the attic. It's old stuff of my grandparents fro the house I suppose.

What else have I been doing with my nondescript life you ask? Well I have watched a great deal of film. I've been trying to watch movies I haven't seen that are in the great del pinal collection. First, I watched the Notebook. Man, it's such a sappy movie but it totally got to this old softie. The McAdams/Gosling love scenes are mega hot. The old people storyline made me a little depressed but the hot young love making balanced it out and I think it was a good flick. Next I watched Basic Instinct. I never really got what the big deal about Sharon Stone was but my god she was good and super a deadly way. Although it was awesome, I really don't know why they made a second one so late. I mean sure she's a great character but 14 years is too much time. Also, Michael Douglas has never looked that great but he is a good actor.

Next up on my unseen list are: Dr. Strangelove, Conan (1 and 2, although I don't know if I will actually watch 2 haha), Aeon Flux (I dunno....), Monster's Ball, Soylent Green, Somewhere in Time, Where Eagles Dare, Ed Wood, and the Longest Day. I probably won't watch all of these as I also am in the mood to watch Starship Troopers, Golden Eye and Good Bad And The Ugly. I am not sure which movies to give priority so if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me what you think.

There is also the matter of new movies coming out! I am so excited for Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (if you're dumb and didn't know it's the new Will Ferrel movie about Nascar). I also sort of want to see Miami Vice and Lady In The Water but they are not too high on the list. I also want to try and see Scanner Darkly, the new Keanu Reeves movie that's all film/animation hybrid or whatever you call it. Oh! and District b13, a french action movie that's supposed to be awesome that I missed seeing in Maryland months ago is playing at a theatre near me soon which is exciting.

Well I have run out of interesting things to say since my life is pretty boring and I have to make up for it by making fun of other people's dumb songs.

PS I found the most awesome band ever. they sound like journey and are called Line Of Fire. Everything about them is funny yet not a joke. I mean that in a good way.
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