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The many goings on of october and begining of november

I'd like to start out by expressing my pleasure due to the recent news that Britney is divorcing K-Fed. I don't think I'll ever like her as much as pre K-Fed however, it's good that he's finally out! Anyways, I have not been good with updating! My excuse is that I have been busy. Still happily interning at The Orphanage. Working on getting the driver’s license (should be very, very soon!). Other than that I partook in a new project two of my friends Bob and Andy dreamed up. It’s a youtube series called “Tinseltown”. I am in the first episode and if you enjoy people (me) getting hit in the face with things or almost seeing me half naked then you will probably like it. It’s my best work since Kissing Cousins 2k4. Check it out here:

Speaking of Kissing Cousins 2k4, Dan has me involved in a new homoerotic scheme. This time we are entering a live monthly contest called “Dirtiest Sketch in LA” at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater. Yeah it’s going to be bad. I don’t think it will be the dirtiest, because in the past the winners of the contest have won through being really gross rather than making offensive jokes, which I believe is our strength. We are not willing to say, whip our dicks out, dip said dicks in a glass of milk in front of a live audience and then drink the milk as last month’s winning group did. However ours will still be pretty crazy and gross, so hopefully the competition doesn’t pull a dick-milk move and we will win. If you want to go, feel free. I think it’s like 5 bucks and on November 17th. My dear friend Daniela will be in town to see it so you can ask her about it if you can’t go.

This weekend was quite awesome. I got a lot done. Actually Friday was the lamest Friday I have ever lived through. I ate In N Out, watched “Lost” on DVD and went out to get on sale Halloween candy. So sad. Don’t worry my weekend got better! On Saturday I went to see Louis CK, who is a stand up comic and Chris Rock’s movie writing partner, do stand up for an HBO. Very hilarious, I recommend you watch the special and look for me and Dan. After that We went to see Borat with the biggest crew ever (Me, Dan, Dan’s friend Tom, Bob, Andy Sharista, Matt Miller, Kate, Pyung, Joe Pops, Pam, Alex K, Meredith, and Chelsea). Borat is so hilarious. It’s so crazy and offensive. I don’t want to give anything away so stop reading if you haven’t seen it, but if you’ve seen it: my favorite part would have to be the part where he bags Pamela Anderson. Then on Sunday I had a loner day where I got so much done: went to Hollywood farmer’s market where I ate crepes and papusas, and got strawberries. Then I investigated getting a new cell phone. It went well and I am probably going to have a new phone and number within the week. After that I went to see “Flags of Our Fathers”, which I will talk more about later. Then I went home, made some dinner, built my dresser, and watched part of “Mission Impossible 3”. Impressed? You should be.

What else have I been up to? Well I saw the ska band Reel Big Fish literally 2 times in a week. The first time I was invited by my friend DJ Rossstar to see them at the Avalon, a big club in Hollywood. He had backstage passes and I got totally drunk. I met music video director Jonathan London (did videos for Reggie and The Full Effect, New Amsterdams, etc) who was really cool as well as the dude who got kicked out of Yellowcard. The bands that played were also super nice. After the show we went out to drink with the singer from Reel Big Fish, Aaron, and a bunch of guys from openers Suburban Legends. We got sloshed at the Rainbow Room, where I was fooled by a fake Dave Navarro and took a picture with him. I totally thought it was him but as you can see, it’s clearly not. On the ride home I apparently talked drunken nonsense with Aaron. I think I congratulated him for being in “Basketballs” but I don’t really remember. I had to get out and throw up on the side of a Koo Koo Roo (a chicken fast food place). The second time I saw Reel Big Fish was at the House of Blues in Anaheim for Halloween. They had great Halloween costumes (Aaron was Elvis, trumpet player 1 was a zombie, trombone player was an Arab emirate, trumpet player 2/guitar player was a skeleton, drummer was drummer from Devo, Bass player was a creepy clown who kept sneaking up behind the other band members and creeping them out). I thought the venue kind of sucked though. Way too small and there are few good places to watch from. AND they don’t allow cameras inside. Weak.

Reel Big Fish Rockin' Out

Me and the Rossstar.

back stage @ the Avalon

Homoerotic wrestling between director Jonathan London and former Yellowcard guitarist.

Clearly, Not Dave Navarro, but he fooled me when I was blitzed.

My Halloween costume for the Reel Big Fish Halloween show. I was a record exec because they have that song "Sell Out"! Everyone thought I was a mormon. Sigh.

I went to Mexico for a wedding! I went with Ambar and her friend Maggie. It was a lot of fun but not such a great wedding. If it was mine I’d be pissed. First of all, there was no music when the bride and groom came in. Then, the guy who wedded them, known only as Rex, seemed like he could barely read and stumbled through the ceremony which lasted like 10 minutes. The dinner afterward was yummy, however the cake sucked. Wedding cake is supposed to be the bomb! It took forever to get back into the US because of customs. The upside of this is that funny little Mexicans sell you things while you sit in traffic. I got a bag of churros for like $1.50! A bag! But oh well. Mexico was really beautiful and I really want to go back to visit for longer because we only stayed for a few hours. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Beautiful Rosarito!

Me and Ambar

Trying to make an angry face with Ambar singing in Spanish at you is hard

Me and the ladies

I love bags of churros.

What else is new…Oh yes, Matt Miller had a big show at the famous Whiskey A Go Go, which was a lot of fun. Is it bad to request a cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" like 3 times? Because I did. But seriously it was a good show, I eagerly await his next show. But I think he should kick the chair out at some point and rock out with his cock out, figurativly speaking of course. Although it would be pretty funny if he went the literal route. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Go on and enjoy them. Go on. Shoo!

Pretty damn cool.

Matt Miller rocking out.

A truly terrible band. But the smoke machine was kind of neat.

Here is what we will call the movie section. I have seen a ton since we last talked and I will list them and tell you a fun little anecdote with each one.

Thank You For Smoking: I got to go to the DVD release screening of this movie and I can tell you it’s really great. A bunch of the cast was there and did a Q and A. There was Aaron Eckhart who played the main character, Cameron Bright who played his son (also the weird kid in crappy X-Men 3, and kid who gets shot in Running Scared), J.K Simmons who played his boss (AND J JONAH JAMESON IN THE SPIDERMAN MOVIES!), and Director Jason Reitman. The guy who asked questions was awful. He was from USA Today, who I love. But these questions were just super lame and would fall flat, leaving little if any room for good answers. It was awkward at times. Oh and I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that child actors, say under the age of 16 have nothing relevant to say. Cameron Bright was a poor question answerer. Granted, he was given some bad questions but whatever. It was the same with that girl from “Little Miss Sunshine”. Oh well.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning: My first movie premiere! Bob found free tickets online. Sadly we did not get to walk on the red carpet. But I did see Jon Voight in the crowd. Afterward I saw 3 of the movie’s stars walking around. First, R Lee Emery, who is pretty good as a bad guy. Then the guy who played leatherface. Then the weird fat lady. Unfortunately when I saw her I was so excited that I said “look guys, theres the fat lady!”. Thankfully she didn’t hear it. Anyways, the movie is not that great. More of the same from the first remake but I’d say not as good.

The Departed: Really great movie. No cool story behind this really. It’s just a really solid crime/thriller/suspense film. Although it’s a remake I haven’t seen the original, “Infernal Affairs” but I hear it is also really good, I think that “Departed” probably changes enough to be able to stand on it’s own. It’s defiantly my favorite Martin Scorsese film, although I’m really not a huge fan. I still maintain that “Taxi Driver” is way, way over rated.

Slither: I went with Bob to this pre release DVD screening and it was great. It is a really fun horror/comedy film about a small town over run by weird alien slugs. The writer/director, James Gunn, wrote Scooby Doo 1 and 2 as well as the “Dawn of the Dead” remake. He’s also married to Pam from the US version of “The Office”. James Gunn and stars Nathan Fillion (“Serenity”/”Firefly”!) and Michael Rooker (“Mallrats”) were all there and did a fantastic Q and A. They were all really funny and told some really funny stories. I highly recommend “Slither”, it is easily the most underrated movie of the year.

Driftwood: Again, went with Bob and Andy this time to see this b-movie’s “premiere”. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it was kind of dumb. It’s about this youth correction camp and a ghost of a kid who died there who is trying to get revenge. All the actors were there, including wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (who was actually pretty good in it). There was an after party that we went to but it was really lame and we left. The best part of the evening was that one of the actors in the movie was apparently dating one of the sisters from “Sister Sister” and she was there! I wanted to go up and take a picture with her but I felt bad because it was her boyfriend’s “big night” and I was clearly only interested in taking a picture with her. Oh well.

Flags of Our Fathers: I was a loner and went by myself to see this because I kept waiting on Bob and Andy to see it and they kept dicking around! So I said “I’m going on Sunday, with or without those butt munches!” And indeed those butt munches were filming the next episode of Tinseltown, thus I went by myself. It was a good movie, I was a little disappointed though because I want to see another “Saving Private Ryan” type of movie. That said, I went in knowing it wasn’t going to be that, and “Flags” is more about the soldiers once they come home to promote the war effort. The battle parts were still quite incredible. I think they are making a “Band of Brothers” type thing with the pacific theater of the war and I think that will be more of what I’m looking for. Anyways, “Flags” is quite good if you are into war/historical movies.

Spider Man 2: Okay this has been out forever, however there was a special event the other night, where they had a Q and A with Stan Lee, asked by Kevin Smith! This was probably the best Q and A ever. If you didn’t know, Stan Lee is the creator of many great marvel comics such as “Spiderman”, “X-Men”, “Ironman”, “The Hulk”, etc. Basically everything. Stan Lee is like 80 and still super sharp. Kevin Smith was a great interviewer too. He asked great questions and we got some real insight into the beginning of Marvel and how Stan came up with these super heroes. If you looked up the word anecdote, this Q and A would be there.

Babel: A Really interesting ensemble drama with Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Gael Garcia Bernal. It’s from the same writer and director team as “Amores Perros” and “21 Grams”. I wasn’t a huge fan of “21 Grams” but “Amores is quite great. “Babel” is about 4 different stories happening in different parts of the world that all end up coming together. The most interesting of the 4 in my opinion is the one they have been least hyping, which is the Japanese one. It deals with this deaf Japanese teenager. I think that the actress who plays the girl, Rinko Kikuchi, should at the very least be nominated if not win for best actress for the Oscars. I don’t want to give anything else away but I think it’s a thought provoking film that you will want to talk about after seeing it.

Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan: Just amazing. Based on the character from “Da Ali G Show”, if you love offensive, crazy, gut busting hysterical comedy then you will love this movie. There are so many funny parts, I couldn’t even name them all if I tried. I can’t wait for “Bruno”.

Well that’s pretty much the longest update ever. Hopefully I will update again sooner next time but I make no promises.
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