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Happy New Years?

Well it’s another year gone. Hard to believe but true. It has been a big year for me, graduating from college and moving to Canada and then to LA. Since I last wrote I also have had some milestones: I got my driver’s license and got a job at the Orphanage! It’s not exactly the field I want to be in but it’s a foot in the door which I think will be helpful. I also really like the company and the people who I work with. It’s all very exciting. Anyways, I forget a lot of the cool stories I’ve had since it’s been awhile. But instead of trying to figure those interesting stories out, instead I’m going to bore and/or entertain you with my opinions in the form of my top movies and top records of the year. In general I thought it was a great year for movies (plus I still haven’t seen many movies that might make this list such as “Children of Men”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Curse of the Golden Flower”, “Letters to Iwo Jima” and more) but kind of a terrible year for music. Anyways take a look if you dare…


1. Casino Royale –What a fantastic restart for the James Bond series. After I
finished watching it, I…

A. wanted to see it again and
B. Couldn't wait for the next one. That's always a good sign.

2. Brick – Hands down the most under rated movie of the year. It's a stylish noir detective story set in a high school that is well acted (features The kid from “Third Rock From The Sun” and Claire from “Lost” among others).

3. Deep Sea 3D – I was skeptical of 3D IMAX ever since "New York in 3D" sucked big huge dirty New York balls several years ago. But this was amazing. The 3D was incredible and the subject, bizarre and incredible sea creatures, was absolutely fascinating. And it’s narrated quite nicely by Johny Depp and Kate Winslet.

4. The Departed – I don't really care for Martin Scorsese films. "Taxi Driver" is one of the most over rated films ever, in my opinion. However this remake of "Infernal Affairs" is really spectacular. The acting is fantastic and it is just a superb crime drama with a lot of great suspense.

5. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – What more can I say that you don't already know? It's hilarious. Now that he’s so well known I don’t know how they’re going to do it but I can't wait for "Bruno".

6. Little Miss Sunshine – Again, What more can I say? Sweetest (as in "aww that's a sweet little girl" not "sweet fuckin' explosion!") movie of the year.

7. Thank You For Smoking – Really great dark comedy about a Big Tobacco lawyer.

8. Apocalypto – Now this movie is fuckin' sweet in a skull crushing sort of way. I think Mel Gibson is really incredible. Obviously he makes stupid personal decisions but
his films are really well done, even if they exploit religious figures. But back to Apocalypto, the chase at the end is ridiculously amazing. Surely worth the trauma of watching the rest of it.

9. Babel – I do have problems with this movie, however it's very thought provoking. And Rinko Kikuchi's part as a deaf Japanese school girl is incredible.

10. District B13 – French action movie that employs a lot of parkour (basically jumping through, over, and around shit in urban areas). One of the most fun movies of the year.

11. Slither – probably the best horror movie of the year, is scary yet also very funny.

12. Superman Returns – swell relaunch of the Superman franchise, and you got to love Kevin Spacy as Lex Luthor is quite priceless (“WRONG!”). And Kumar is in it as a henchmen!

13. Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny – So hilarious. I feel like it would have done better 3 years ago but I still think it's really funny.

14. Flags of Our Fathers – I kind of wanted another “Saving Private Ryan”, which this wasn't. However it's still a really interesting film about fact vs. legend.

15. Devil Wears Prada – I didn't think I was going to like this but it's really quite good. I want Anne Hathaway so bad.

16. Jackass #2 – I still maintain it's not as good as the first one. But it's still really really funny.

17. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest – So it was a little long. But it had great action sequences and special effects were killer. I'm still excited for #3!

18. V For Vendetta – A solid adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel.

19. Mission Impossible 3 – Has some of the stealthiness of the first one with some great action sequences much better than the second's. I still love Tom Cruise.

20. Charlotte's Web – Super cute animals. Just don't get intimate while watching it, trust me.

21. The Queen – really interesting film about the Queen’s reaction to Princess Diana’s death.

22. The Decent – Really good horror movie. Defiantly the scariest movie I saw this year.

23. The Prestige – Magicians battling for the best version of the same trick. At first I thought it was just okay but the more I talked about it with Bob the more interesting it became. Now I kind of want to see it again to see if there was even more that I missed.

24. Blood Diamond – It defiantly has problems, but overall a good movie. Everytime I watch a movie about Africa, it's like what a fucking mess. I really don't know how they are going to turn that place around.

25. Inside Man – Spike Lee makes a great robbery thriller that is enjoyable. I am kind of excited for his movie about the LA riots.

Like, Sooooo Disappointing:

X-Men 3: The Last Stand- Brett Ratner ruined everything by killing off characters, making others pointless and just making an all around dumb movie. Sadly so many people still buy it.

The Black Dahlia- I was expecting L.A. Confidential meets Seven and instead I got a really stupid movie about boring detectives.

The Fountain – it wasn't THAT bad, however I heard about this film probably a year and a half ago and the story sounded so cool to me (A time traveling movie that happens during the conquistador times, the present, and the future). But then it turned out to be not about time travel, very pretentious and basically pointless.


1. Set Your Goals – Mutiny! – A really fun and positive pop-punk album, which is perfect for me.

2. We Are Scientists – With Love And Squalor - “Indie rock” that I actually really like. I think they are kind of like Franz Ferdinand meets Green Day but I’m sure some people would disagree with that description.

3. Brand New – The God and the Devil are Raging Inside of Me – Not as good as their previous work, however it's still really good and has grown on me quite a bit since I first listened to it. Kind of a downer record though.

4. Say Anything – Is A Real Boy (re issue) – Technically came out awhile ago but it’s awesome so whatever. It has new material on it so it counts.

5. Hit The Lights – This is a stick up don't make it a murder – More fun pop punk that will tide me over until the new Fall Out Boy record comes out. And helps make up for the heinous new New Found Glory record.

6. Underoath – Define The Great Line – My favorite Christian hardcore band got heavier since their last record. At first I wasn't a fan but it has grown on me quite a bit.

7. Dashboard Confessional – Dusk and Summer – lovey dovey summer songs. You should probably beat me up for liking this.

8. Saosin – s/t – They took over where Finch left off in my heart.

9. Damone – Out Here All Night - I don't know why this band isn't bigger. They could totally open for Kelly Clarkson and be famous.

10. Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage – I just found out about this group. All I ever wanted in life is cheesey guitar solos and lyrics. Plus how awesome is their name?

11. Unearth – III: In The Eyes Of Fire - I liked their last record a lot more but this one is pretty good metal.

12. Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny – Really hilarious after seeing the movie.

Like, Sooooo Disappointing:
Taking Back Sunday- Louder Now – I liked Taking Back Sunday's last album which many people hated. Then I heard they were recording with Eric Valentine, who produced some of my favorite rockin' cds. Then I heard a clip from the record of a song called "Spin" which was awesome. The single came out, it was catchy. Things were looking very promising. Then I bought the cd and it was just totally underwhelming aside from

New Found Glory-Coming Home – What a god awful record. The first two
songs I heard before the CD came out were not too good. So I downloaded the rest and thank god I did because it's so bad. NFG has been going down hill for awhile now but at least on the last album there were several songs I liked! This has none. Not one.

Plus 44/Angels And Airwaves – Blink 182 was one of my favorite bands when I was younger. I still listen to them a bunch. Very fun stuff. So obvs I was bummed when they broke up. Then I hear about new bands, Tom was doing Angels and Airwaves which he claimed would put out the best record in 20 years. I was intrigued. The first song came out, it was just okay. Then I went to see them play live and it was massivly underwhelming. But after the show I hear kids saying it's the best thing they'd ever seen. HA! I think not. Then Mark and Travis came out with Plus 44, which was originally described as going for a Postal Service sound. Once again I was intrigued. Then as months went on they diverged from that and put out "When Your Heart Stops Beating", again another okay song, nothing great. So I download the album and its also just meh. I have no desire to listen to it really. I really just want them to make fun music again. They are trying to hard to be dark. Why can't they put out a goofy album? That would be much better.

So anyways, That’s it. Tell me what you think! Oh and have a happy new years!
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