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Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End review!!!!

On Sunday I was sitting on my couch beginning to re-watch the Pirates movies in preparation for Friday’s Pirates 3. My boss and the co-founder of the company Scott, were going to a cast/crew screening of Pirates 3 later in the day and were going to pick up the tickets from me (since I had them and the theater it’s playing in is ridiculously close to my apartment). So around 4, my boss calls me and starts off by saying “Hey Sizzlechest” which made me laugh really hard. But even better, he wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to see Pirates 3 because his fiancée wasn’t feeling well. So of course I jumped at the opportunity! Before the film started Jerry Bruckheimer (mega producer) and then Gore Verbinski (director) came out and gave nice little thank you speeches for everybody who worked on the film. It was funny to see Jerry Bruckheimer in person, with his cool leather jacket and beard. I think I also saw the mom from Home Alone there but I’m not sure.

Anyways the movie: I don’t want to give away very many details but overall I’d say the film was just okay, I’d say a B-. I think maybe my expectations were really high. It had a lot of cool parts but it was way convoluted! Not so much that I didn’t understand what was going on, but there is a lot of flipity flopping and side changing. I really need to see it again to fully grasp a lot of the twists and turns. I also didn’t like the settings as much those in the first two. I enjoy the Caribbean parts of the first two films way more than where the places they take it in this one. But I will say the final battle in this one is ridiculous in an awesome way. I’d say if you liked the other two, you should check this out, if not, it won’t change your mind on the series. I don’t think there will be a backlash like Spiderman 3 or Matrix Revolutions. It delivers on kooky Pirate-y action but just isn’t as good as Black Pearl or Dead Man’s Chest.

In other trilogy news, “Shrek The Third” absolutely blows. I loved the first two, especially the second (although when re-watching them I noticed they make way too many dated jokes, that I get but some kid in ten years will not). Shrek 3 was so bad. There were maybe four times where I laughed and it was mainly because of wayyy periphery characters (case in point: the nerd with the bloody nose if you saw the movie). So if you like the Shrek movies don’t go see this one.
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