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The Best Films of 2007 According to Me

Note: These are my top ten favorite films which came out in 2007. I have to admit I haven't been able to see a lot of the year end Oscar bait stuff yet such as "There Will be Blood", "Lars and the Real Girl", "Kite Runner", "Sweeney Todd", "Atonement", "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem", etc. so come Oscar time I'll hopefully have seen them and I'll let you know if they change anything once I finally get to seeing them.

So here we go, let me know what you think and feel free to debate me!

Hot Fuzz – British homage to American buddy cop/action films by the fellows who did "Shaun of The Dead". It's almost too clever for it's own good. On the first viewing I missed a lot of great jokes because it's so quick, but luckily you get much more out of it on multiple viewings.

Juno – in my mind, "Juno" is this year's "Little Miss Sunshine" in that it is an enjoyably quirky dramadey with great characters and a fantastic ensemble of actors and actresses.

Superbad – To me, it was the overall funniest movie this year. Sure it wasn't as sophisticated as "Knocked Up" but or "Juno" but I really enjoyed "Superbad" more as a comedy. One note: not nearly enough Miroki/Michael Cera scenes.

3:10 to Yuma – Awesome western remake with a return to form for Russell Crowe (Note to Russell: please no more stupid period piece boxing films) and Christian Bale being awesome as usual.

Eastern Promises – Excellent. An engrossing film about the Russian mob in London. Viggo Mortensen is fantastic, and believably Russian. It is a touch predictable but not enough to take much away from it. But beware: The bath house scene is really intense and graphic, you might have to close your eyes.

Bourne Ultimatum - Brutally awesome. Where else can you find Matt Damon avoiding pursuing police, jumping onto and over rooftops, running through windows and houses to fight a bad guy armed with a knife, using a rolled up magazine and win? It's certainly the best of the trilogy, which was already superb.

Sunshine – I am a sucker for sci-fi, especially when it's really good. This one is about reigniting the sun in the fairly near future and the problems that arise in doing so. It's got some great suspense which is heightened by the film's great looking sets.

King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Hilarious and surprisingly touching documentary about arcade gamers battling for the highest score in King Kong. Best described as a Christopher Guest film ("Best in Show", "Waiting for Guffman", etc.) but it's real.

Ratatouille – It actually made me want to go to France and eat food made by talented rats voiced by enjoyable comedians. And I was very thankful to have a great Pixar movie again after the subpar "Cars".

No Country for Old Men – The first time I saw it, I loved it except for the last half hour or so, which made me really angry and unfulfilled. I was literally angry at the Coen Brothers (the directors/writers) because of it. I kept thinking "Why did they do that? How could they let it end like that, what was the point?" But then the more I talked about it/thought about it, I realized that I played right into their hand. It's not supposed to be a pleasing ending, I should be angry and the fact that I was and was still thinking about it, made it a big success. By the time I saw it a second time I was able to get beyond the events in question and try to rethink it. I still think about it. Beyond that I have to note that Javier Bardem (and his air canister) is one of the best villains ever. Every time he's on screen you feel dread. I'm thinking all the awards for supporting actor have to go to him, hands down.

Honorable Mentions:

300 – probably not historically accurate but it certainly was a solidly entertaining and iconic action film.

Shoot Em Up – Utterly ridiculous in the best way and very self aware of that fact.

Knocked Up – Don't get me wrong, I really liked it but frankly I thought the story was kind of unbelievable. I maintain that it didn't top 40 Year Old Virgin's level of excellence. But really it's still great and totally worth seeing if you somehow haven't.

Stardust – Really enjoyable and unpredictable fantasy adventure that was almost as good as Princess Bride.

Surf's Up – I liked it's mockumentary style. Penguins and surfing are generally enjoyable especially when together. Quite underrated I say.

Black Book – Solid epic dutch WWII film = Paul Verhoven is back!

28 Weeks Later - I thought this was going to be a dumb and/or unnecessary horror sequel ala "Hostel Part 2" but it turned out to be quite good and didn't tarnish the first and it actually in many ways surpassed it (the military aspect was super cool). BUT I must say the ending left me slightly annoyed.

Biggest Disappointments:

Transformers –  Basically, my main issue is that there were way too many human characters which took away from who you should care about: THE GIANT, AWESOME LOOKING, ROBOTS WHO HAD LITTLE TO NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. For more on my issues with Transformers see here: til all are one

Spiderman 3 – How do you screw up Venom??? By not making him a very important or thought out character, having another two bad guys (Sandman was pretty cool I must admit), and making the focus of the film more on Mary Jane. Weak.

Pirates 3 – it was sort of okay. I think they were way too ambitious. It really just got weird, really didn't make sense (ex: why did it turn out that a character was actually a god who then became really tall, and inexplicably vanished and petered out by the end with no explanation?) and that hurt the plot. But hey, I still love Capt Jack.

Shrek The Third – I liked the first two well enough but I only chuckled barely twice on this turd burglar.

Grindhouse – Planet Terror was okay, but Death Proof was egregiously horrendous (minus the last 20 minutes maybe) unless you enjoy pointless characters which take up half the film and lame/boring girl talk.

30 Days of Night - I liked a lot about this film: the direction, the look of the vampires, and much of the score to name a few. But I feel the story was really lacking, had holes and left out what to me was a really crucial part of the comic source material: that the vampires who attack the town are rogue lower class vampires who were going against the orders of the elite not to do something crazy like kill an entire town.
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